Asset Modelling

Identify, scrutinise and enhance your debt position

Managing, modelling and analysing your real estate debt in spreadsheets creates unnecessary operational and financial risk. Our intelligent real estate Debt Modeling product is designed to help you analyse the impact of potential investments at asset and portfolio level, adding significant insight to your strategic plans. With a central repository for all debt contracts, an intuitive debt calculation engine and powerful forecasting and reporting, the software offers a comprehensive view of your debt position and gives you a competitive edge.

Holistic visibility of current and future scenarios

Centralised data

Work from one source of truth by bringing debt information into a single repository.

Deep insights

Perform modelling of hypothetical situations and compare results.

Powerful reporting

Create clear, concise and customised analysis for your business stakeholders.

[Roundtable] Inside the crystal ball: Where you should be investing in real estate?

In partnership with real estate publication, EG, we brought together an array of experts to discuss and debate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the value will be in the future, and the importance of planning, analysing and modelling your portfolios.

Save time and increase efficiency with high-level and in-depth analysis

  • Automate your workflows using source data and structured account mapping.

  • View lender obligations, debt maturity and exposures with forecasted cash flows at a consolidated level.

  • Leverage various standard business intelligence outputs, and create your own reports as required.

  • Link with property, financial and investment platforms for an optimised and connected experience.

real estate debt modelling software

A deep and connected modelling solution suite

[ebook] The critical role of technology in real estate investment

Software is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for organisations managing real estate investments. Only dedicated digital solutions can be truly relied upon for the critical decision-making and strategic planning involved. Explore our ebook to learn how tech can provide a foundational platform for success.

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