News October 15, 2019

Navana Property Group Selects MRI Software Platform for Property Management Division

Rapidly growing property and place services provider Navana Property Group has onboarded MRI Qube Property Management (PM) to support the property management arm of their business.

As part of its ambitious strategy, Navana offers a unique property management solution which enables it to manage and activate complex mixed-use estates more efficiently and effectively.  The organisation has selected MRI Qube PM to achieve this aim, and is currently finalising integration with MRI’s open and connected ecosystem to deliver innovative new app-based platforms, providing an unrivalled level of transparency and service.

Claire Savill, Associate Director at Navana, said: “We are unburdened by legacy systems and were seeking a turn-key property management solution that could grow with us. MRI Qube PM is, by some margin, the most agile and configurable operational platform that we reviewed in the property management space. We’re also excited about how the software will integrate with the new app-based platforms we are developing to help us better serve our clients and customers”.

Dan Foryszewski, Business Development Manager at MRI, said: “I am delighted that the dynamic team at Navana has chosen to implement MRI Qube PM. We look forward to working with them on this project and helping them to deliver a new and innovative property management ecosystem.”

MRI Qube PM is the most widely used property management solution in the UK and Ireland, utilised by more than 500 clients across the residential, commercial and retail sectors.

Navana offers a diversified suite of property and asset management, development, placemaking and consultancy services, and will work with its client partners across sectors including residential, commercial, leisure and mixed-use.

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