News March 2, 2020

MRI Cloud Readiness Assessments

Your first steps to reducing IT spend

Discover capacity needs, operational expenditure and performance requirements, before you start your journey to the Cloud.


Why Cloud-Readiness Assessments are crucial:

If you are you thinking about moving to the Cloud, but need to understand how ready your business is, MRI’s consultants will help you identify the options, risks & benefits of moving to Cloud, so you can pinpoint the direction for your cloud journey.

Recent UK public sector research reveals some of the challenges in migrating to the Cloud.

  • 81% view Cloud as an enabler for broader transformation but aren’t sure how to get there
  • 83% have a lack of Cloud skills & resource
  • 61% struggle to recruit the right people
  • 79% have no defined Cloud policy/strategy

What’s included in the Cloud-Readiness Assessment?
Our expert Cloud Consultants will complete a short engagement with key stakeholders in your organisation, focusing on the impact on Users, Applications, Data and Infrastructure. A Cloud-Readiness Report will be prepared to identify the current system, network and server topology and Cloud-Migration Road map to guide you through your Digital Transformation.

  • Strategy Assessment
    Our Consultants will evaluate your overall business drivers, goals, objectives and the current state of your IT – outlining the organisational benefits once migration to the Cloud is complete.
  • Capability Assessment
    A review of your in-house technology, tool-sets, and systems to determine application feasibility in the Cloud.
  • Application, Infrastructure & Network Assessment
    Assessing your corporate infrastructure to provide an overview of your organisation’s hardware, applications, and network infrastructure.

Optional Strategic Consultancy services:

Our Consultants and Cloud-Architects can then help you transform your organisation’s ideas into a Cloud migration strategy; avoiding lock-in to a single Cloud and delivering you better value and innovation, without compromise.
Working with you, we can recommend which Cloud platform fits your overall Cloud adoption strategy and can, if required architect a high-level design that also reflects your security and risk requirements.
Total cost of ownership models can be produced to compare overall costs between your current IT spend and future estimated spend. Our consultants can assist in the design of an optimal Cloud strategy, prioritising workloads and applications for cloud migration.
Detailed project & deployment plans can be produced for all the features/applications/databases to migrate to the Cloud, and the steps needed to develop/migrate/implement. This can also include developing a post-production support process.

If you want to discover more about our Cloud Readiness Assessment Services, MRI Cloud Assessments and contact us today.
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