How to gain sign off for a new CAFM software system

Budget holders are likely to scrutinise all costs you incur – that is their job after all. So they need to be convinced about the importance of each purchase before proceeding. A new CAFM software system can be a significant investment so is no different.

However, a recent survey by the Access Group has highlighted that almost half of UK employees (48 per cent) waste three hours or more a day working with inefficient systems, which costs the average business at least £28,000 a year. The survey also reveals that over half of respondents (51 per cent) are not confident in the accuracy of data within their company’s systems. So, really, the question is can you, as a business, afford not to implement an effective CAFM system which – if done correctly – enables your business to overcome all these issues and more?

Although you may know this, the same is unlikely to be true of all your colleagues. So you will need to convince others round to your point of view.

Most FM professionals, by the very nature of their positions, also do not tend to have significant experience of purchasing services such as CAFM software. As a result, they may not fully appreciate exactly what buying cycles of this nature entail.

We have written a guide to provide assistance with this part of the process, which explains in detail how to put together a compelling business case to support the purchase of a new facilities management system. This includes a summary of what a business case is and the key points it should include. ROI is obviously a crucial factor, which is why we include an example of a cost benefit analysis chart for you to follow.

Key points to highlight include:

  • Senior staff not having to carry out administrative tasks
  • Implementation of an effective preventative maintenance schedule resulting in fewer breakdowns and longer asset lifecycles
  • Smarter task scheduling resulting in less time wasted by travelling between jobs
  • Improved stock control meaning minimal asset wastage
  • Time saving benefits offered by mobile apps allowing engineers to complete jobs quickly out in the field

No longer be caught out by the complexity of the buying cycle. Know what to expect and how to convince people that an investment in CAFM software can offer your business many benefits and – moreover – pay for itself within months.

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