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Attract and engage qualified residents faster

Personalize and track every interaction you have with leads interested in your community, so you can focus your time on making an impression that stands out. ApartmentData provides actionable market data and insights so you can target your marketing. Our Lead Management software makes it easier for prospects to connect with you and schedule appointments, so you can offer the kind of follow-up that moves your property to the top of a qualified candidate’s list.

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Filter out fraudsters before the first tour

Save your team from having to evict fraudulent renters down the road. CheckpointID’s comprehensive, multi-factor ID verification process is your own private eye spotting false documents in person and online, so you can put a stop to fraud before the tour and save your precious time for legitimate prospects.

Get precious time back at every stage of the resident lifecycle


Converting promising candidates into full-fledged residents is several jobs in one: Accountant. Detective. Insurance broker. Make the entire process simpler for prospects and yourself, so they join the neighborhood happy, and you can actually make plans after work.



Residents are looking for perfection when it comes to their homes. MRI’s property management tools help you “be there” without always being on call, and they work together, separately or with your existing tech so you can handpick just what you need.


Reduce risk for your property, your residents, and your community

For property managers, risk management and fraud prevention are an ongoing challenge. Creating a stronger, safer community requires a comprehensive property risk management solution that provides applicant screening, resident insurance programs, and reliable identity verification.

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