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Take applications online so you can go offline

Did you know that online applicants are 12 times more likely to move in? Applicants can search, select, and apply from anywhere at any time – even their smartphones – so your leasing office is always open, even when you’re not around.

Lease - Screen


Rely on powerful tech to make the tough calls

It’s a big responsibility to determine who will be a safe—and reliably paying—member of your community. Confidently stand behind your decisions with MRI’s highly accurate Resident Screening, a powerful tool to help you select low-risk residents while minimizing false positives that can exclude the qualified candidates you’re looking for.

Lease - Lease


Make lease-signing and deposit-collection painless

Managing lease signing manually is a grind for your team and your soon-to-be resident. Never tell someone to “print, sign, scan and return” again with intuitive tools that let renters sign leases and pay deposits online. It’s the kind of convenient experience that helps transform prospects into renters.

Lease - Protect


Reduce risk while driving revenue

Renters insurance is its own complex world. Instead of poring over clauses, offer a pre-approved Multifamily Insurance program as part of your leasing process that even drives ancillary income. So residents are covered, your property is compliant, and you’re not pulling your hair out reviewing policies.

Get precious time back at every stage of the resident lifecycle


Get the tools you need to attract and screen residents faster. MRI can help you find qualified and suitable residents ready to move in on your timeline.  And even better, there are no all-or-nothing platform commitments required.  You just pay for what you need. Nothing more!



Residents are looking for perfection when it comes to their homes. MRI’s property management tools help you “be there” without always being on call, and they work together, separately or with your existing tech so you can handpick just what you need.



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