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Operate your business as you see fit

You want everything to run smoothly, but you also want to make it home to family and friends by dinner. Let your property management and accounting software be the trusted system of record for all financial and operational aspects of running your multifamily portfolio, without adding hours to your to-do list.

Live - Interact


Be wherever your residents want, virtually

Get the flexibility to communicate with residents on their preferred channel, on their own time, without duplicating efforts or giving up your personal info. Callmax automates communications across email, text, and phone, keeping residents happier, boosting retention, and giving you a record of who got what and when.

Live - Collect


Make a fraught process frictionless

Hunting down rent payments can be a drain on your energy and resources. Offering an easy-to-use digital payment experience like RentPayment can help you boost on-time payments and reduce attrition. And because it’s MRI, your new software will play nicely with whichever accounting software you use.

Live - Renew


We’ll handle the process of renewing. You handle the service that drives it.

With Secure Sign’s intuitive experience that lets your residents review, accept and sign lease renewals automatically, you can put the entire process on autopilot. So instead of chasing down renters with forms, your team is investing their time in offering white-glove service that has residents jumping to renew.

Get precious time back at every stage of the resident lifecycle


Get the tools you need to attract and screen residents faster. MRI can help you find qualified and suitable residents ready to move in on your timeline.  And even better, there are no all-or-nothing platform commitments required.  You just pay for what you need. Nothing more!



Converting promising candidates into full-fledged residents is several jobs in one: Accountant. Detective. Insurance broker. Make the entire process simpler for prospects and yourself—so they join the neighborhood happy, and you can actually make plans after work.



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