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Unraveling Centralization: A Crash Course for Multifamily Organizations

The concept of centralization in the multifamily industry has taken off in recent years, and with many owners and operators strapped for talent and financial resources, it’s no wonder why! Regional property managers across the country are stuck with the nearly impossible task of minimizing costs while maximizing occupancy. Centralization is the key to accomplishing this goal while retaining talent and building up thriving communities.

Register for this on-demand session where our panel of experts  discuss the types of front and back office processes that can be centralized, businesses that would benefit most from this approach, and what technology is available to start that process today.

What we cover:

  • How a centralized, holistic view of your portfolio drives decision-making
  • Which parts of the resident experience are best suited for a centralized approach
  • Why centralized back-office processes lead to greater data visibility and accuracy

You’ll hear from:

  • JoAnn Orrell | Industry Principal | MRI Multifamily Insurance
  • Samantha Bohm | Head of Customer Success, Colleen AI
  • Jordan Easley | VP of Partnerships, Realync
  • Jim Kenneally | Director of Product, Zego

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