Customer Self Service

A dedicated digital space for rent payments, reporting repairs or sharing your latest newsletter

As part of the digitisation journey that many of your tenants are on, we know that there is increasing demand for fully self-sufficient, self-service solutions. Not only that, the social housing sector’s clients demand access to information 24/7, with real time visibility of information from any device. Using MRI Housing Digital, your tenants can access their account information, make changes, complete surveys, access newsletters and notify of repairs – all without having to pick up the phone to your call-centres.

Customer Self Service

Access your services online – through the creation of simple to build, bespoke tenant portals or apps.

  • Statement and charge viewers

  • Secure payments

  • See repair details and log repairs

  • Update personal details

  • Request a call-back

  • Request an appointment

  • Set up direct debits

  • Access to newsletters

  • Surveys and questionnaires

How it works

The simple drag-and-drop workflow configuration is easy to work with and can be maintained outside of your IT departments. You easily can configure navigation options, data-dependant displays and transition events. Housing Digital delivers fully automated “structure-less” data processing from any available data source. This means you can automatically import and process data from any available source with options to configure customised data entity definitions. For security, you can authenticate customers using a variety of methods; including standalone named users, integrated active directory and a variety of social media options using standard development techniques.


Empower tenants with real-time information

Give tenants the control to view information, makes changes or updates and interact with you digitally, knowing your back-office systems will be updated in real-time.

Easy to use workflow for flexibility and control

The solution is designed to using workflows, giving you full control and less cost wrapped up in development-time.

Enhanced customer experience

Digital access to your suite of services means your tenants can interact with you at any time, on any given day, on any device that suits them.

Customer Self Service - The shift to digital channels delivers instant savings

The shift to digital channels delivers instant savings

By creating omni-channel interactions, Social Housing Providers can reduce their dependency on traditional forms of communication with tenants – whether that be through letters to their residents or inbound/outbound calls. With this self-service solution, tenants are no longer waiting for calls to be answered. Instead, they get an immediate service at the touch of a button through any device they may use. You can build your platform to be as simple or as sophisticated as you like, delivering a full repairs diagnostics service through your portal – from the tenant identifying and logging the repair, arranging an appointment, making changes or cancellations through to a job satisfaction survey once the repair has been completed.

customer self service


  • Easy to build apps – making things simpler, quicker and automated for both the Social Housing Provider and customer.

  • Immediate cost savings – vs traditional methods of tenant interaction.

  • Real-time access to information for your customers.

  • Integrates with all our other solutions, as well as external applications.

  • Total control is with the Social Housing Provider to make changes to the app/portal platforms – hence no added development costs.

  • Custom ‘drag and drop’ workflow builders – which include a range of standard controls and reusable style themes.

  • Customisable to reflect your company and enhance your brand identity – with logo, fonts and colour themes.

  • Progressive web-app technology – a solution built on the latest mobile platform.

  • 100% Web-based application.

  • Digital engagement – empower your customers to access, interact and review information.

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