The Digital Transformation Journey

PropTech best practices for commercial real estate

The commercial real estate (CRE) landscape is undergoing a tech-driven transformation. To learn more, we engaged 100+ commercial real estate firms and key industry leaders, JLL, Schneider Electric, Cygnet West, QIC Real Estate, Investa, Property Funds Association (PFA), ISPT, and Property Council Australia to share their best practices and insights for a sustainable future.

This ‘Digital Transformation Journey’ report aims to provide you with valuable insights and best practices to help you navigate the evolving CRE landscape. As we launch into 2024, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience needed to leverage digital transformation successfully, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

In this report, we cover the learnings across three broad categories:

  • Business Challenges | The hardest hitting business challenges that commercial property industry leaders are tasked with solving right now. Notably, the top 10 challenges identified in our research all demand touch points with technology to solve.
  • Proptech Now | The digital solutions found to be most useful in tackling those challenges right now are outlined and amplified with lived experiences of industry leaders, along with benefits and success factors from their digital transformation journeys so far.
  • Proptech Future | Looking ahead to 2028, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and environmental sustainability (ESG) stand-out as innovation Greenfields that industry leaders are racing to understand, implement and measure to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

Download this complimentary report to gain insights and practical experiences across digital transformation.

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