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Digital Transformation and Proptech Best Practices

Like most industries, the commercial real estate sector is going through a rapid digital transformation.

To better understand what specific challenges technology is now tasked with solving, we conducted an in-depth survey with over 100 leading commercial real estate firms and validated the findings with industry leaders JLL, Schneider Electric, Cygnet West, QIC Real Estate, Investa, Property Funds Association (PFA), ISPT, and Property Council Australia.

Join our panel of experts from ISPT, Investa & Cygnet West as we discuss these learnings across three broad categories:

  • Business Challenges | The hardest hitting business challenges that commercial property industry leaders are tasked with solving right now.
  • Proptech Now | The solutions found to be most useful in tackling those challenges amplified with insights and success factors shared by industry leaders.
  • Proptech Future | Looking ahead, learn how Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Environmental Sustainability (ESG) stand-out as innovation Greenfields that industry leaders are racing to understand, implement and measure to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

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