What’s new in Property Tree this November?

This blog post relates to Rockend, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

Staying true to our commitment in making property management easier, this month’s Property Tree release features added security against fraudulent activity in your account, improvements in Information Audit Report, new user authentication and much more. Here are all the feature enhancements this November that you can now access.

Sensitive Change Alert

Now you can be alerted and have greater clarity whenever sensitive changes are being made in your Property Tree account. Administrators can now configure Administrator and Super Users of Property Tree to be notified via email when ABA files are created, Bank Account details are changed or Export Rent Roll is created.

Information Audit Report

The Information Audit Report has been improved to be updated whenever Owner or Property fees are changed and removed from a profile.

Managements Page

You might notice that links related to the accounts functionality are no longer in the managements page. Don’t fret! These links have now been moved to the accounting page making it easier for you to access accounting related functions on the Accounts Landing Page.

Archived Profiles

One of our most voted suggestions in User Voice is for a feature to search for an archived tenant easily, and we are pleased to announce that this feature is now released. Now you can search for past tenants easily with the new button “Include Archived” included on the properties panel of the Ownership Profile. This same option is available on the Property Profile.

New Zealand EFT Files

New Zealand users, listen up: You can now enter an EFT Reference against your Owner Payment Information. This reference will appear on Owners Bank Statement in the Reference field. This applies across most major banks.

International Users

If you’re an international user of Property Tree, here’s something you’ll like. You will now be able to validate access to Property Tree using international mobile numbers, irrespective of the country of the Property Tree account.

New User Authentication

You can now reuse a mobile number from an existing account if you wish to create or update an existing account. The mobile number will still have to be authenticated, of course, but this improvement has now made it easier and quicker for you to access Property Tree.

Other improvements have been made on email branding, and additional hyperlinks continue to be added throughout Property Tree for easy navigation and access. For more information on this month’s enhancements, you can read the November 2019 Release Notes.

As always your feedback is critical to helping us help you, so please continue to send through your suggestions through Rockend User Voice.

If you’re not a Property Tree user yet, book a free demo today to discover the Rockend difference.


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