July release: new dashboards reinvent agency reporting

This blog post relates to Rockend, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

In the July Property Tree release, we’ve reimagined and enhanced our performance dashboards, making not one, but five dynamic dashboards available to all Property Tree customers.

Speaking about the improvements and what customers can expect for the new dashboards, Michael Momdjian, Senior Product Owner at Rockend says: “we have reimagined our dashboards in Property Tree, to give agencies owners and operators access to a richer set of reporting and insights, fuelled by data in real-time and fully customisable.”

The dashboards deliver deep insights and valuable performance indicators to principals and property managers on their agency, their residential and commercial arrears, their active and expiring leases, their vacancies and trust accounts, all critical components of running a property management business.

“The fact that our clients can see total figures really encourages them to act on issues they can now identify via the Property Tree dashboards” adds Momdjian.

The new Property Tree dashboard include:

  1. The agency board provides a single view of key business metrics, allowing business owners to track staff performance by portfolio
  2. The vacancies board provides a summary of vacant properties as a list – both vacating and vacated tenancies
  3. The leases board summarises active and expiring leases by status and date range, as well as displaying upcoming and overdue rent reviews
  4. The trust accounts board provides customers with a breakdown of trust account balances at any given time, providing more comprehensive accounting reports in one simple click.
  5. The arrears board shows a detailed breakdown of residential and commercial arrears (grouped by arrears type) and highlights tenancies with the greatest outstanding arrears. Users can choose to display arrears per period or per effective date.

The feedback from customers part of the beta program has been overwhelmingly positive. Jody Foster from Foster & Tarrant says “I’ve had a look at the new dashboards and love them. It’s so much easier to see exactly what is happening across the whole portfolio”.

“These dashboards have been so well received by customers because they offer a big step up over anything that has come before – not just within our products, but across the industry” adds Collette Keir, Head of Operations – Product & Engineering, at Rockend. “And we aren’t stopping here; we can create as many customisable dashboards as our customers need – with inspections and maintenance being two obvious targets. Because of their scalable nature, the sky is the limit”.

Other New features and enhancements

And that’s not all from the July release. Checkout a roundup of the everything else below.

Tenancy Schedule Report

Based on overwhelming feedback from our commercial customers, we have now created a new Tenancy Schedule Report. This report will allow Commercial Property Managers to clearly identify and report on key lease, rent and bond information.

Ownership Statements 

When an ownership statement is generated creditor invoices will now be attached in PDF format for printing, so you’ll no longer need to access multiple tabs to open, download and print invoices for each ownership.

Inspection Status

A new “In-Progress” status has been added to available options on the Inspections Summary Report. This status combines all existing statuses where an inspection is in progress (e.g. Proposed, Tentative, Confirmed or Conducted), giving you a single view of such inspections. This will save you time if you need to report on each status individually.

Commercial Tenancy Profiles

The Commercial Tenancy Profile screen is now enhanced to include GST exclusive Rent and Budgeted Outgoings amounts to help commercial property managers renegotiate lease agreements much more efficiently.

Updates have also been made on work orders and pay ownership filters. You can read about all details of this month’s release in the July 2019 Release Notes.

As always your feedback is critical to helping us help you, so please continue to send through your suggestions through Rockend User Voice.

If you’re not a Property Tree user yet, book a free demo today to discover the Rockend difference.


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