Top 7 property management podcasts

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that podcast consumption has grown exceptionally over the last few years.

With our deep love for mobile devices and vast appetite for entertainment, the latest studies show podcasts now reach over nine million Australians (around 40% of the population).

One of the driving factors for this growth is that podcasts give listeners the ability to dive into topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a video. Plus, they’re free and easily accessible.

This is particularly apparent when you look at how 49% of people are listening to podcasts in their car and 24% listen at the gym or while they work out.

This suggests that educational ones, like property management podcasts, could be a great time saver for a multi-tasker like you.

Property Management Podcasts

7 best property management podcasts

With so much great content on offer, we have rounded up just a few of our favourite property management podcasts to help get your playlist started. This is just a small (but exceptional) selection of the hundreds of options out there.

1. PM X Live – The podcast

PmXlive is a property management podcast in the real estate sector.

Hosted by Shonleigh Draper and Terri Handy (Co-Founders of the highly successful resource and education platform pmXcite), these ladies discuss topics such as growth, managing a team, marketing tips, property management systems and even processes.

In fact, they discuss anything and everything to do with property management. This podcast is all about finding solutions and providing support for the industry.

2. PM Collective

PM Collective is an influential platform that supports collaboration, not competition. How? Through coffee catchups, casual learning, events and property management podcasts.

Join Ashleigh Goodchild and all manner of guests who share a conversation about things that are relevant to the property management industry.

With such a range of discussions on offer, you won’t soon get bored – enjoying complete immersion into the world you know and love.

3. The Elevate Podcast

Elevate is the official podcast of Elite Agent Magazine for real estate industry sales professionals, property managers, and leaders.

So, if you fall into that category, don’t miss out on all the wonderful content they produce.

Each episode brings you behind-the-scenes coaching, news analysis, exclusive interviews, technology, and more to help you list more, sell more, and “elevate” your results.

Through this property management podcast, you’ll be able to transform your role for the better.

4. The Property Management Mastermind Show

As an experienced property manager, you might feel that you know everything there is to know about your industry.

Instead of listening to just any old property management podcast, then, you might benefit from the Property Management Mastermind Show as it covers some advanced topics.

Ultimately, with so many duties on your plate, knowing how to produce the best results possible in all areas of your job will completely transform your day-to-day life.

5. Real iQ Property Management Podcast

New Zealand’s first designated property management podcast features David Faulkner from Real iQ, in which he interviews some of the industry’s leading figures.

These discussions are all packed full of intrigue, with so much valuable information shared. What’s more?

He speaks to people at the heart of property management to get an in-depth perspective from the actual people dealing with tenants and landlords on a day-to-day basis.

6. Property Management Brainstorm

This next property management podcast doesn’t shy away from the realities of our industry.

Instead of just talking about the positives, the Property Management Brainstorm also tackles some of the complex and overwhelming property management challenges that we’ve all have faced.

This makes it one of the best property management podcasts out there, with lots of interesting and engaging episodes to listen to.

Plus, if you’re really pressed for time, you’ll love narrator Bob Preston’s “Five-Minute Fridays”. These little snapshots are packed with juicy information.

7. High Performance

High Performance features the top real estate coach in Australia, Josh Phegan and the number one real estate agent in the country, Alexander Phillips (both voted by REB online).

It’s an epic combination of experience.

Listen in as this property management podcast shares insights on prospecting, vendor management, listing presentation, marketing, workflow, energy and self-management, productivity and growth – allowing you to become a high performing real estate agent.

Best property management podcasts – FAQs

With so many incredible property management podcasts out there, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and helps fill your mind while you are doing mindless tasks like driving or washing up.

From the knowledge that you’ll pick up and the skills you’ll learn, you can level up your results and satisfy your tenants and landlords alike.

If you still have questions about property management podcasts and would like to know a little bit more, perhaps these FAQs can help.

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Which property management podcast should you listen to?

Property Management Podcasts

MRI Software’s best property management podcasts

Listening to property management podcasts is just one of the many ways you can learn more about the industry you work in.

For more educational materials, check out our library of free resources – including on-demand webinars and eBooks.

Before you know it, you’ll have gained an incredibly vast range of knowledge on how you can improve your property management skills.

Then, with the help of property management software, you’ll be able to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. Doesn’t that sound like a goal worth chasing?


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