Industry research: Share your voice in Property Management survey

It is hard to dispute that the property industry is the engine room of both Australia’s and New Zealand economy, with a cumulative value of over $10trillion in the residential market and $3trillion of that equate to the total value of assets currently under management.

While these numbers are significant in an industry where there are nearly 50,000 agencies the knock-on effect of the global pandemic is still reverberating across the profession.

Three years ago, we led a national research project to better understand the key challenges and trends facing property management in Australia. Issues of overly busy workloads, lack of career planning and customer expectations were prevalent but what really got the nation talking was the 23% exodus of property managers intent on leaving the industry. We also shared 53% identified mental health and managing stress as one of the most difficult aspects of the job.

So, what has changed since 2021?

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Voice of the Property Manager 2024 Survey

Share your voice into the industry research report.

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MRI Software are calling on all property management professionals to share their views in the 2024 Voice of the Property Manager Survey.

To help advance better leadership, better people and better culture for property management businesses, we are seeking your voice to uncover:

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities?
  • What matters most to property managers?
  • How do we keep property management thriving?

Your insights will help us produce our third Voice of Property manager report that will feature actionable insights to help drive greater success for Property Management businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

What is the survey about?

Just like we did in 2018’s The Voice of Australian Property Management Report, we are once again surveying property management professional from across Australia and New Zealand to better understand how they feel about the industry they work in and how they see the future unfolding. We’ll ask you to tell us a bit about your property management career, your work environment, career satisfaction, your views on key challenges & issues faced and what the future looks like for the industry.

How to share your voice

To foster open and honest feedback, the survey is completely confidential. All answers and comments in this survey will remain anonymous. We do include an optional section to share your name and email should you wish to be on the list to receive a copy of the report once published.

The survey is open from 21 May to 5.00PM 20 June 2024 and will take approximately 8-10minutes to complete.

This is an industry focused research and we welcome all property managers and colleagues who work in property management to participate.

Findings from 2021 Voice of Property Manager Report

In 2018, we conducted the first Australian Voice of the Property Manager Report to identify benchmarks for the industry. Moreover, we also wanted to quantify and sensibly check many long-understood assumptions about the behaviour and practices of property managers and the principals who lead them. In 2021 we heard from 773 respondents from property management industries across Australia to identify benchmarks around key employment issues, satisfaction levels, and priorities.

In addition to the factors that created industry detractors in 2018, in 2021, we saw the added alarming influence of aggression from tenants and landlords, higher service expectations, a lack of management support, and work intensification making it harder for property managers to switch off.

To learn more about the findings from the 2021 report, you can Download the full Voice of Property Manager report.

Download 2021 Report



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