Property Tree turns 8!

It’s been eight years since we launched Property Tree, and it’s safe to say that a lot has changed since then. Let’s take a look at how Property Tree has evolved and why it’s still ANZ’s leading cloud-based property management software.

Property Tree then and now

Officially launched by Rockend in September 2012, Property Tree became Australia’s first to market cloud Property Management solution to manage rental property portfolios and trust accounting needs. Upon its entry to the market, Property Tree has set a new standard for property management solutions, then dominated by server-based systems, offering flexibility together with comprehensive software that is designed to meet the needs of the modern real estate agency.

Michael Cimino

“Property Tree is more than being able to work from home, or being able to access information wherever I am…it also means I can focus on growing the business, and whilst I am growing the business, I still have control of what’s going on.”

Michael Cimino
Head of Property Management, Inner Real Estate NextRE


Throughout the following years, it will continue to lead innovation in the property management solution space, introducing automation tools like crowd-favourite Invoice Genius, automatic arrears management, owner and tenant portals, Business Insights to name a few and integrating with leading industry providers – building on the foundations of the robust solution we know today. With the acquisition of Rockend by global real estate solutions provider, MRI Software on Aug 2019, Property Tree joins the company of leading-edge proptech solutions worldwide.

A new era

Innovation is at the core of Property Tree since day one and has always been its driver as it moves forward.

“Our team is passionate about our purpose. Passionate about connecting you and your world. And passionate about continuing to be leaders and innovators in the property technology sector,” said David Bowie, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director for MRI Software APAC.

With MRI’s open and connected ecosystem, Property Tree benefits from better and faster integration of emerging technologies and capability development. This makes Property Tree an agile solution, well-suited for the challenges of today’s volatile business climate.

Michael Cimino

“The move to MRI Property Tree was about making the experience for our clients better. This is at the core of our approach and it’s a philosophy mirrored by MRI Software.”

Tamsin Wilson
Head of Property Management, Belle Property Parramatta


Since becoming part of the MRI family, Property Tree has released over 150 new features and enhancements and continues to focus on making property management a whole lot easier.

  1. Property Connect tenant app

    An ANZ first mobile app for tenants, providing them with a self-service way to access their property information such as upcoming inspections, documents and financials as well as track maintenance requests.

  2. Maintenance Plus

    A single solution developed to streamline the maintenance workflow from initial request to payment of invoices and keep tenants, landlords, tradies and property managers informed every step of the way.

  3. Profiles in a single view

    The new and improved Profile pages launched in August 2020 is the single biggest redesign of Property Tree since its launch. Users can now access important information across Ownership, Property and Tenancy profiles on a single page, providing a faster, easier and intuitive way to navigate the most viewed pages.

  4. Coming soon – E-signature for lease creation

    In the pipeline is an e-signature lease creation tool, powered with MRI Secure Sign. This is being developed to provide customers with a paperless and seamless experience in generating lease documents from data entry to document signing.

In building these enhancements, we continue to draw inspiration from our customers. They are – and always will be integral to Property Tree’s development.

“Your voice is reflected in our strategy and vision. We’ve listened to what you’re saying, and we continue to count your voice as a key driver of our priorities, “said David.

Our dedication to being part of our client’s success is what drives us to make Property Tree even better, earning the trust of a growing number of users. Today, Property Tree is used by more than 3500 agencies across Australia and New Zealand, making it the most used cloud-based property management software in the region.

Michael Cimino

“As we grew, Property Tree grew with us. As it continues to develop new features, we are able to introduce them to our clients and our clients are able to benefit from it.”

Kristy and Vaughan Copping
Perth Property Management


Looking ahead

As Property Tree has grown, our team continues to dream up new ways to make property management simpler and easier for our customers and to help their businesses thrive. Property Tree changed the face of property management then, and with the same pioneering spirit alive, it will continue to do so both now and into the future.

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