Key trends shaping the ANZ Facilities Management sector in 2023

As the facilities management (FM) industry evolves, professionals in the sector face an array of challenges and opportunities in meeting the demands of a dynamic workspace. Our recent Voice of the Facility Manager report offers essential insights into the industry’s pressing issues, actionable solutions, and the role technology plays in shaping its future.

Throughout the report, there were several key trends that highlighted a fresh perspective on the current state of the FM industry but also reaffirmed existing assumptions. With various insights highlighted throughout the report, I’ve collated my top six key takeaways and what these insights will mean for the sector moving forward.

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1. Job satisfaction and career stability: A promising outlook

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of facilities management, FM professionals have showcased impressive job satisfaction and career stability. According to the survey, a remarkable 82% of respondents find enjoyment in their roles. Additionally, nearly 80% of participants feel secure in their positions and express satisfaction with their salaries.

These insights are further backed by a strong intent for career longevity, with over two-thirds of respondents planning to stay in FM for 6-10+ years. This dedication and long-term commitment bodes well for the future success of the profession despite the anticipated impact of outsourcing and technology on their careers.

2. Budgets and challenges: Navigating uncertain waters

Despite 37% of respondents stating that their department budgets had increased over the past three years, there remains a cautious outlook concerning potential future spending constraints. Budget cuts emerged as the number one perceived challenge among FM professionals. The ability to balance budgets and maintain quality services while facing financial constraints is a top concern for many of you.

3. Health and well-being: The link between heavy workloads and well-being concerns

While FM professionals navigate a rewarding career path, they are not without challenges. Despite their overall job satisfaction, long hours and ever-expanding job expectations are a reality for many facility managers. Forty-seven per cent are putting in an additional 6-10 hours beyond their contracted work hours, and respondents cite mental health as the #2 challenge after budget cuts.

4. Skilled project managers and crisis conquerors: Role versatility matters

Facility managers value their roles as skilled project managers and crisis handlers, thriving in high-pressure situations. From project and people management to compliance and “damage control”, facility managers aren’t afraid to step into the fray when things have fevered off course. Professionals in the sectors are adept at juggling a range of tasks and also appreciate providing valuable input into the functions of other departments, such as working with talent acquisition and HR on talent attraction initiatives.

5. Sustainability: The rising imperative

The Voice of the Facility Manager report sheds light on the growing significance of sustainability within the industry. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices have emerged as a focal point in 2023 and beyond. Over half of the participants view ESG as “an opportunity” or deem it “essential for the industry to embrace”.

A large percentage (41%), however, still show a neutral sentiment toward sustainability efforts, suggesting there is a way to go before a culture of sustainability takes centre stage.

6. The role of technology: Striking the balance

New technology is making its mark and is acknowledged as crucial to the changing needs of the industry. However, there’s still a transition process for many professionals to fully embrace these advancements and move away from traditional approaches.

Over one-third of respondents solely use spreadsheets or a combination of spreadsheets and software as part of their FM technology stack. While we are seeing a slow adoption of technology, this could be set to change as workloads bounce back to pre-pandemic levels and new generations enter the FM workforce.

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The Voice of the Facilities Manager: Australian and New Zealand edition includes many more insights and actionable solutions for the FM sector. I encourage you to download the full report to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of the market and how you can leverage these insights to influence change within your organisation.

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