A closer look at facility manager workloads, mental well-being and the role of technology

As changing workplace dynamics, environmental concerns and other factors continue to evolve the facilities management (FM) sector, understanding facility managers’ mental well-being and workload challenges is paramount. Recent insights from our Voice of the Facility Manager, ANZ edition, unveil the undercurrents of stress experienced by FM professionals, shedding light on the need for actionable change in the sector.

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This article takes a deep dive into the report’s findings, highlighting the workload trends and insights and exploring recommendations to tackle these issues head-on.

Bearing the brunt of their duties

From adopting new technologies to revising practices to suit today’s more flexible building usage requirements, Facility Managers are being asked to balance numerous responsibilities and priorities. According to the Voice of the Facility Manager report, three out of five individuals within the industry describe their workload as “busy” or “too busy.”

While facilities managers are accustomed to juggling multiple tasks, the toll on their mental health is becoming increasingly evident. Surveyed FM professionals ranked mental health as the second most concerning issue right after budget cuts. These insights suggest that a significant portion may be grappling with excessive and competing obligations that exceed their comfort level or capacity.

Despite the increase in workload and responsibilities, it’s surprising to note that 72% of respondents in the report claimed to have a good work-life balance. As such, businesses may already be making efforts to ensure their FM teams are being supported appropriately.

The overtime dilemma

Among the FM professionals surveyed, a concerning 47% consistently dedicate an additional 6-10 hours beyond their standard contracted work hours each week. Notably, almost one in five (17%) commit to an added 10-20 hours.
facility manager workloads
Given the expanding responsibilities and scope of the FM role, reevaluating the tools, processes, and support in place becomes essential to alleviate the demands leading to such extensive overtime.

Can technology lighten the load?

The evolution of technology has touched almost every sphere of our lives, and its potential benefits for facility managers are particularly promising. Using an innovative facilities management solution instead of manual processes,  could be the much-needed balm to the multi-pronged challenges these professionals face.

  • Efficiency and workload management: Advanced FM software can streamline processes, reduce task redundancies, and, most crucially, diminish the need for excessive overtime. This not only optimises the workload but can also significantly reduce the consequent stress.
  • Data collection and analysis: In an age where data is gold, having the right tools to collect, analyse, house and act upon this data is vital. Advanced software tools empower facility managers to make informed decisions, enhancing initiatives and overall efficiency.

The ability to allocate resources more effectively, respond to maintenance needs promptly, and manage data seamlessly can make a significant impact on the mental well-being of these professionals.


Insights from the Voice of the Facility Manager report provide an eye-opening look into the world of facility managers, revealing the intricate relationship between their workloads and mental well-being. While many claim a good work-life balance, the underlying challenges cannot be ignored. Technology emerges as an answer to the rise in mental health concerns, promising to offer solutions that can enhance efficiency and reduce stress.

However, the onus lies with more than just the facility managers. Companies, stakeholders, and the industry must seek strategies and processes to help reduce mental health and well-being risks, ensuring that the professionals at the heart of FM are equipped with the right tools, support, and environment to thrive.

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