Attract commercial tenants with MRI @Work

Finding the right commercial tenants to fill your property is a process that begins long before a lease is signed, and not every tenant you encounter will be a good fit for your portfolio. What kind of businesses are you trying to attract? What’s your strategy for the next five to ten years? What is the consequence of signing a delinquent tenant? All of these are questions that must be taken into consideration when choosing your commercial tenants, and as such, you’ll need technology to help you evaluate and make decisions along the way.

Curate your tenant mix to maximize performance

The properties your organization owns and operates can maximize success if you’re able to strategically determine the right tenant mix. Your commercial organization needs to sign tenants that will bring value to the overall profile of your property, and your portfolio requirements can change over time. For example, you might find yourself in need of local retailers to balance out your tenant mix one year, but then you might need more national, shared workspace tenants a year or two down the line.

Whether you manage office or retail space, MRI @Work provides the tools to collect, aggregate and report on data appropriately. This information can be used to evaluate prospects and negotiate the lease more effectively. Better data management can help you strategically choose the right tenants that fit with your portfolio strategy.

Make more informed decisions with visibility into your pipeline and prospects

As a leasing agent, you’re tasked with tracking applicants from lead to lease. The prospect to tenant conversion process is more complicated than simply filtering out applicants. Following tenants through each step of the lead to lease process means managing the necessary contacts and documents and making sure that the initial interactions you have with prospects encourage them to do business with you. These are the first and most crucial steps in establishing a solid landlord/tenant relationship.

MRI @Work enables you to streamline the prospect to tenant conversion process by giving you the tools to see clear through your prospect pipelines. Through comprehensive solutions that give you a firm grip over the data in your organization, you’ll be able to keep track of the deals and activities you’re undertaking, the leads and opportunities you’re pursuing, and the amount of space you have to match those opportunities.

Leverage comprehensive commercial management technology

MRI @Work provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that can transform the way you manage your commercial properties. With software that simplifies the prospect pipeline and improves data management, you’ll be able to understand the type of tenants that your property needs, manage the prospect to tenant conversion, and make better decisions that can boost your portfolio performance. Learn more about how MRI @Work can help you attract commercial tenants.


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