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Whether you work in the office, retail, industrial, or occupier space, all commercial real estate operations hinge on one crucial thing: leases. Running your property operations, leasing your space, interacting with tenants, and properly maintaining your buildings and suites always comes back to whether or not what you’re doing lines up with the commitments outlined in your leases.

The commercial solutions found within MRI @ Work can help reintroduce efficiency and effective operations into your commercial property management. No matter what you do in the commercial real estate industry, you need the right software solutions to help you attract great tenants, simplify work, and run smoothly. Finally, you need to know the score and keep track of the health of your portfolio with tools that assist you every step of the way.

Join Andy Welkley, Product Marketing Manager, and Beth Schwartz, Director of Product Management, to learn how MRI @ Work can simplify the management of your office, industrial, and retail properties by:

  • Surfacing critical lease terms and clauses
  • Automating complex lease calculations
  • Enabling a healthy tenant/landlord relationship
  • Providing comprehensive investment management tools
  • Allowing you to streamline maintenance requests and work orders

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