7 benefits of switching to a cloud based visitor management system

With changes in work patterns and alternative provision of needed skills, business locations are seeing more traffic than ever. Whether temporary workers, visitors, or even using remote working that seems multiple people using an office space at various times during the week, with so many more people coming in and out, maintaining control of foot traffic and knowing where they go and what they do is more challenging than ever.

A cloud based visitor management system can provide the oversight, control and confidence in dealing with increased traffic within your premises. Offering efficiency and streamlined workflow, an online visitor management system enhances any building operation. But with so many options available, why choose a cloud visitor management system over any other?  Here are 7 ways you benefit from an online visitor management system.

1. Your data is backed Up

With a cloud based visitor management system, your data is always safe, because it is continually backed up off site. Not only is this best practice for disaster recovery, such as flood, fire or accident on site, but is the best approach for security too.

With an online visitor management system your data is held securely and safely in a data centre so is always available when required. You are less vulnerable to any type of issue that could compromise data, while also reducing your IT team’s workload too. A cloud based visitor management system automatically backs up data offsite, your team do not have to manage data security at all for the system, not only reducing workload, but removing any potential for human error too.

Your data will always be backed up, and will always be there when you need it.

2. Data is always accessible

Not only is your data backed up, but with cloud access it is easily accessible when you need it, wherever you may need it. Strong security protects data, but a cloud visitor management system also brings with it flexibility. Data in the cloud can be accessed regardless of your location and on multiple devices, ensuring that you maximize the value of collated data in all your business operations.

Data is one of the most valuable assets your business owns, and with a cloud-based visitor management system you can use it to its full potential across your business.

3. A scalable solution

Your goal is always to grow your business, to secure more market share and stay ahead of the competition. However, rapid changes in demand on your infrastructure, whether that is through growth or variances in seasonal demand, can be a challenge. On site infrastructure can be quickly overwhelmed by a significant increase, requiring extensive investment and disruption to add the additional capacity. Similarly, a reduction in demand during a seasonal lull can leave you with expensive IT systems unused. Choosing a visitor management system to address this makes sense.

A cloud based visitor management system utilizes offsite data centres and offers in-built scalability to suit your needs. From additional resources to cope with higher demand to shrining needs off-season, an online visitor management system scales to your needs seamlessly and automatically. Whatever the situation, you can be confident that your system will always be operating at peak efficiency.

4. A cost-effective option

That ability to scale with need also aids with cost too. A cloud based visitor management system always operates at its most efficient, and that means you are only paying for what you need. Without the upfront costs of the infrastructure to host your own system, it is a much more cost-effective approach too.

With self-hosted solutions, you also need to manage your system and data too, increasing the workload for your IT team, requiring training and maybe additional hires to cover the additional work. A cloud visitor management system removes all that additional cost, providing a turnkey system with managed infrastructure off site.

5. Increased security

With data held off site in a highly secure data centre, both physical and online security is improved. Separate from your network, with a cloud based visitor management system your data is safer from internal risks such as user errors or compromised devices.

It also improves security for your premises of course. With accurate, readily accessible data for building use, workers and management can have confidence that the building, data and equipment are secure and protected at all times.

6. Always up to date

With any visitor management system, updates to software are essential both for operational and security purposes. However, manual updates can be demanding for your IT team and require disruption to operations while it is taking place.

This is eliminated with a cloud based visitor management system, with updates seamlessly integrated automatically with no downtime or service disruption.

7. Accessible anywhere

A cloud based visitor management system allows you access to the system and data from anywhere and with any device, completely securely. This alleviates the need for dedicated equipment and ensures that oversight is possible from any location. Data can be used in other systems easily too, ensuring you have complete insight into building use for any application.

Because the system places security at its heart, this ease of use does not compromise data integrity, and remains fully secure at all times. The result is saving on equipment, improved security and impressive flexibility in use.


If you are still unsure about any aspect of visitor management systems, our FAQ may help.

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A cloud based visitor management system delivers the crucial oversight of visitors to your building, adding both security and accountability, but does so without requiring upfront investment in infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and management costs. It is a scalable, highly efficient solution that delivers uncompromised security and performance while providing the flexibility to cope with changing needs.

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