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AFK Estates is set for growth with MRI Sales and Lettings

Based in Leeds, AFK Estates is a small independent property sales and lettings agency. Having been in business since 2007, the family run business has experienced rapid growth in its sales, lettings, and property management operation.

As AFK Estates grew, it became clear that a different agency solution was needed to handle the company’s lettings portfolio and property sales. In order to improve operational efficiencies, the team realised it was time to move away from spreadsheets and explore new technology options.

The use of other, more specialised solutions to manage different areas of the business, such as Fixflo for repairs and maintenance, often meant that there was a duplication of data entry between the different systems, and therefore a higher risk of errors occurring.

The team at AFK Estates began a research process to identify a suitable property management platform and found MRI Sales and Lettings.

We tried a different platform first, but couldn’t begin working with it because of the set-up. With MRI Sales and Lettings, the navigation was so much simpler.

Airlie Fox-Kirk, AFK Estates.


With MRI Sales and Lettings, the team at AFK Estates can ensure all their technology is linked and accessible under one platform.

The team at AFK Estates use multiple software solutions as part of their daily operations, and with their previous system, this resulted in multiple points of time-consuming data entry. With MRI Sales and Lettings, many of the applications the team use can be integrated with the central system, reducing the number of duplicate tasks. Time previously spent inputting the same information into various systems can now be spent providing high quality, personal customer service.

Thanks to MRI’s ethos of being open and connected, specialised systems such as Fixflo can be fully integrated with MRI, meaning data only needs to be entered one time, and workflows are streamlined and simplified.

With everything in one place, we’re able to operate much more smoothly. All our tenant details, maintenance information, gas and electric certificates are easy to find and access.

Airlie Fox-Kirk, AFK Estates.


One of the issues the team at AFK Estates found with a previous supplier was a need for dedicated support.

The interface wasn’t user friendly at all, and there was very limited customer service. The team at MRI, however, have supported us at every step so far, and we’re confident there’ll be a strong working relationship going forward.

Airlie Fox-Kirk, AFK Estates.


AFK Estates has a small team, and flexibility is important to ensure that processes are as efficient as possible. Since MRI Sales and Lettings is a cloud-based solution, team members can access information while out visiting tenants or conducting viewings. AFK Estates is also using MRI Secure Sign, creating even more efficiency within their operation by establishing an integrated function to enable digital execution of documents.

These features allow for a more streamlined operation as the need to return to the office to update records is no longer required, and paperwork can be done on the go and updated across the system instantly.

The Future

AFK Estates is growing quickly and has ambitions to expand the sales side of the business more.

With the scalability of MRI Sales and Lettings, the team at AFK Estates can grow their business without being limited by the constraints of its technology. The new, centralised system will allow AFK Estates to continue offering the highest standard of service and remain futureproof.

To find out more about how MRI Sales and Lettings, contact our team to arrange a demo and discuss how our solutions can help your growing agency business.

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