News March 2, 2018

Phoenix Community Housing upgrades its IT Infrastructure with Castleton

Phoenix Community Housing was created in 2007 and is owned by its 2500 shareholding residents living in 6,500 homes. Phoenix was the first community gateway in London and is one of just four in the UK. Castleton has worked with Phoenix since its creation in 2007, providing Infrastructure services and support.

With an ageing infrastructure and a planned resource expansion, Castleton put forward its recommendation for an infrastructure refresh that would ensure Phoenix could accommodate its planned resource expansion, continue to deliver an excellent, efficient service to its customers and that would fit with the organisations future IT strategy.

The project will comprise a deployment of a Hybrid infrastructure with Microsoft public cloud Azure and Office 365, using best of breed Auto-Tiering SAN’s, Hybrid Use rights licensing, a Cisco Meraki Software Defined WAN and Wireless Networks.

The new hybrid infrastructure will facilitate a SaaS CRM system, Castleton Public Cloud Hosted Repairs Service, all wrapped up with Castleton Cloud Backup and DR Service and managed service support to ensure Phoenix staff and customers are fully supported.

As Security remains paramount, Castleton will also deploy an updated Anti-Virus solution and the latest patches to protect the organisation against any vulnerabilities including the recently revealed Spectre & Meltdown.

As an additional service, Castleton reviewed Phoenix’ software licensing usage & licensing strategies, to ensure best value and compliance were being achieved. From this we developed a more cost efficient and appropriate licencing model for the organisation, and have been appointed as Phoenix’ key licencing partner.

As with all projects, Castleton will work closely with Phoenix to ensure the project objectives are met, effective project governance is maintained, and that the quality and risk management strategies are adhered to, during and post implementation. The ongoing partnership between Castleton and Phoenix is testament to the relationship we have built with Phoenix over the years, as their Trusted IT adviser, working alongside their IT department.

Paul Sexton, Managing Director, Castleton Managed Services, commented: “We will continue to work with Phoenix Community Housing, providing strategic guidance to ensure Phoenix is delivering superior services to their customers, now and in the future”.

Jonathan Bignell, Head of IT, Phoenix Community Housing added “Our strategic partnering arrangement with Castleton is key to the successful expansion of our operation and the continued delivery of services to our customers”.

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