MRI Software Launches 2015 With 44% First Quarter Increase in Sales

Solon, Ohio, USA: MRI Software, a leading provider of global property and investment management solutions, announced a strong start to 2015 with a 44% increase in sales, compared to the first quarter of 2014.

“Our sales were very good across the globe, with particular strength in our North America and Asia Pacific regions,” said Phil Trudeau, Vice President of Global Sales. “We have increasing momentum to exceed our forecasts again in the second quarter and set up a potentially record-making 2015.”

The robust first quarter was made possible by significant wins in MRI’s Property and Investment Management portfolios. The outlook for the second quarter, and the rest of 2015, is buoyed by a significant pipeline of new opportunities, spurred by the recent acquisition of Cougar Software, the recent release of Version X, and the promise of Prospect Connect. These products have been enthusiastically received by current customers, partners, and other property management software users, adding fuel to this growth for the foreseeable future.

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About MRI Software

MRI Software LLC is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the global real estate industry. MRI delivers a comprehensive and truly configurable solution, from property-level management and accounting to the most complex, long range financial modeling and analytics for both the commercial and multifamily real estate markets. As a leading provider of real estate enterprise software applications and hosted solutions, MRI leverages over 40 years of business experience to develop long-term successful relationships with its clients. Originally founded in Cleveland, U.S.A., the company has offices in Toronto, London, Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


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