Webinar August 13, 2020

[Webinar] Collaboration to Improve Accuracy with Budgeting & Forecasting

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  • Webinar
  • August 13, 2020
  • 2:00 PM ET
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In today’s volatile environment, alignment across teams within an organization and alignment between strategy and execution are more important than ever in meeting the goals of productive, profitable companies. One powerful approach that successful companies leverage is the process of developing and executing against Budgets and Forecasts. Often teams are forced to juggle data and spreadsheets from multiple sources and multiple versions which makes the process inefficient at best and inaccurate at worst. This is especially true as teams evaluate different scenarios or the impact of changing variables.

In this webinar, a team of experts from MRI will describe the best practices around collaborative budgeting and forecasting and demonstrate how to:

  • Source data from connected financial and property management solutions
  • Test different scenarios based on adjusting the impact of certain variables
  • Enable participants in the process to easily manage versions and trust the latest data
  • Push budgets back into the MRI financial systems to track and manage actual performance against budgets
  • Utilize data visualization to improve access to influential data and trends
  • Be more agile when accounting for variability in market forces

Join us on August 13th for this insightful session!

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