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Many social housing providers find they are using a range of different solutions and their data is stored in multiple locations. Our housing management software sits at the heart of everything we do and provides the foundation for all your business-critical processes and regulatory requirements. This means we can present you with one version of the truth and be the single unified provider for all your housing needs. Our platform is feature rich and gives you everything you need, in one location, to drive effective social housing management. This includes 360 degree views of customers and properties, rent accounting, repairs and maintenance booking, voids management, ASB logging, customer communication and more. With over 40 years experience our housing management system is ever-evolving in partnership with our customers to meet their needs.


Complete housing management

Our solution is one of the most feature rich housing platforms available. We have developed them in conjunction with our clients to bring them everything they need.

360-degree views

Get a comprehensive real-time view of a tenant or property record. Rent details, repairs, alerts and more are easily accessed in our user-friendly UI.

Data centralised

Brings together all of your customer and property data into one location for a single view of the truth, accessible in real-time in the office or out.

Rent and arrears

Rent accounts and payment methods can easily be reviewed. Our arrears management tool lets you identify the next actions to take when a tenant has gone or is about to go into arrears.

File Smart


  • Our smart predictive searching lets you find customers or properties fast. You can also record any interactions with just a few clicks.

  • Rent accounts and payment methods can easily be reviewed within the housing management system.

  • Our arrears management tool lets you identify the next actions to take when a tenant has gone into or is about to go into arrears.

  • Designed for housing officers to work on-the-go when visiting customers whilst also giving office-based staff everything they need too.

  • Throughout the solution it is easy to update any information on a customer or property record with any changes available to others in your organisation instantly.

  • The Worklist area lets you see at a team or individual level which tasks are outstanding and in need of attention.

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