Real Estate Agencies - Experience robust real estate software for agencies, without burdens and limits

Experience robust real estate software for agencies, without burdens and limits

MRI Living offers a comprehensive and flexible set of tools designed to help real estate agents, property managers and agencies efficiently manage all aspects of their real estate business. 

Whether you run a dedicated sales or property management agency, or have a network of hundreds of offices spanning the globe; your mission is to maximise retention and optimise your bottom line. MRI Living offers a complete approach to help you perform daily tasks more efficiently, simplify trust account management, automate back-office processes and gain deeper business insight. As a result, your property business can reduce errors, maximise revenue and prepare for future trends. 

Our solutions are built to cater for every individual in the real estate sector

Property Managers

Property Managers

Drive and support Property Management business growth. From Start-Ups through to Franchises our solution is built in collaboration with clients to ensure industry best practices.

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Sales Agents

Help your agents perform at their best and create a never-ending stream of referrals by connecting with your contacts and mastering every step of the sales cycle. 


Business Owners

Understand your business, to generate more. Purpose built local solutions to give you more insight into your markets and operations, to maximise growth and efficiency.

Our clients using real estate agency software

Solutions that work for you

Powerful automation

Increase your efficiencies and streamline your workflows with powerful inbuilt automation.

Artificial Intelligence

Deliver proactive services with the power of AI and machine learning.

Insights and Profitability

Get insights to make better business decisions and create new revenue streams.

Community Engagement

Provide personalised services that remove risks, stress and give customers more value.

The right solution, no matter where your customers are at in their real estate journey



Tenants can access 24/7 their property information, log maintenance requests, and check financials all via the simple to use MRI Property Connect mobile app.



Buyers gain access to deeper agent connections and off-market communities to increase their prospective property pool.



With robust databases, sellers gain a competitive market edge, personalised service and reporting and strategic insights to drive higher yields.



Reduce phone calls and emails by providing secure access to online portals personalised to their property portfolios. 

Our solutions are designed for your real estate agency

Quicker sales

Sell properties faster with less data entry so you can focus on the things that matter.

Empower your workforce

Give employees the tools they need to focus on great experiences for your clients. 

Scale Confidently

Purpose-built local solutions to give you more insight into your markets to maximise growth and efficiency.

Engaged Communities

Deliver stand out service and increase your client engagement with dedicated client communication portals.

Innovate Simply

Remove the headaches, and centralise your workflows, client experiences, and accounting.

Real Time Data

Ensure you can access your data anywhere and manipulate in real time.

Property Listings

Automatically push new property listings to all the major Real Estate website.

Cut Overheads

Reduce business operating overheads significantly and be more profitable.

3 Steps to Revolutionise your Business.

1. Schedule a call with a member of our experienced residential real estate team to discuss your requirements.

2. We can walk you through a demo of the solutions to suit your needs, and to adapt with you.

3. We will create a plan for implementing a solution from our suite that is as innovative and forward-thinking as you and your business.

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