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Webinar: Voice of the Property Manager – What You Need to Know!

Property management in Australia is a $1B industry in the middle of a period of transformation and disruption.

Changing customer demands, influence of technology, and changing work practices accelerated by the global pandemic are having a major impact. But, what effect are these changes having on property management and the way you do business? Last month, we launched a national research report on the Voice of the Property Manager, highlighting the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

Industry experts, Kylie Davis, Executive of the Rise Initiative, Kylie Walsh, Founder and Director of Regrowth, John Minns, NSW Property Services Commissioner, and MRI’s Josh Symon’s discussed the key findings from the report including how:

  • Property Management is not immune to the Great (Real Estate) Resignation
  • Dealing with conflict from landlords and tenants is having a significant impact on mental health & wellbeing
  • What role technology plays in managing workload

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the challenges Property Managers face and where the industry is heading. We also shared a few recommendations based on our findings to help run happier and more productive property management businesses including how to retain great talent!

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