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Webinar: IFRS16 Knowing your leases and extracting your data with AI

Maintaining lease accounting compliance is a top priority for any organisation who leases space. However, questions about deadlines or technology effectiveness may arise when addressing compliance. You need to draw on vital information from lease documents and ensure there aren’t any data mistakes or gaps. As you work to maintain compliance, it’s important to have the right technology to help you abstract or import your leases into a system.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Deloitte, where we will explore:

  • The key priorities and what critical data you need to fulfil IFRS 16 requirements.
  • The importance of obtaining complete and accurate lease data to calculate your lease accounting figures and ensure a full audit trail.
  • The value of using artificial intelligence (AI) to extract quickly and easily, cleanse and aggregate crucial data from physical paper lease documents.
  • How MRI’s ‘audit firm approved’ IFRS 16 template together with its AI machine has processed more than 500,000 leases and can significantly reduce manual burden and human error.
  • How to promote cross departmental collaboration to ensure transparency and auditability of extracted data from original lease files.
  • Finding the right lease accounting solution for the transition.
  • How technology can help you prepare for the IFRS 16 lease accounting transition.

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