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Schneider Electric: Managing people on-site



Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation with operations in more than 100 countries.

They specialise in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management.

Visitor management

Schneider Electric was looking for a new security badge provider when a new visitor management process was suggested to them.

We used to lose almost twenty visitor badges a month at $12 each, now we lose 1-2 a month.

Robert Bennett, Maintenance Manager, Schneider Electric

Key challenges

Schneider Electric wanted a visitor management solution to take pressure off their front door guard and to replace a manual sign-in log in their front foyer.

Schneider Electric needed a system that would:

  • replace their manual visitor sign-in book
  • make sure visitors could easily sign-in and out of their site without a receptionist
  • see large groups sign-in at the same time, smoothly
  • pre-register guests
  • pre-print visitor badges
  • let their people know when their guests have arrived on-site
  • do all of this at a reasonable price

MRI OnLocation is a good product at a good price that works well.

Robert Bennett, Maintenance Manager, Schneider Electric

The MRI OnLocation Solution

Schneider Electric chose to implement MRI OnLocation as their employee, contractor, visitor and evacuation management system after hearing about it from their visitor badge supplier.

MRI OnLocation was easily implemented at Schneider Electric, where visitors can now sign themselves in and out without the help of a receptionist.

We had a very large executive visit by 60 of our top people, it was easy to pre-register and print their badge and have them ready for them when they showed up.

Robert Bennett, Maintenance Manager, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric uses MRI OnLocation software to:

  • let staff scan in and out of site using their barcoded ID cards at a MRI OnLocation kiosk, or by using the OnLocation mobile app
  • sign multiple people in and out of their site at the same time
  • easily keep track of who is on-site with their MRI OnLocation dashboard
  • issue their visitors with a barcoded tag and red lanyard so they are easily identified, using MRI OnLocation’s Visitor Pass
  • make sure any contractors and employees on-site have been properly inducted using MRI OnLocation’s Induction Management


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