Case Study

Saint Kentigern College:
Safety in knowing who’s on-site


Saint Kentigern College is made up of three campuses: College campus (where Middle College and Senior College are located), the Boys’ School campus and the Girls’ School campus across Auckland, New Zealand.

Saint Kentigern’s mission is ‘To provide education which inspires students to strive for excellence in all areas of life for the glory of God and the service of others’. They have a mixture of school and business ‘traffic’. Each campus has lots of students arriving and leaving their sites at certain times of the day and a good number of visitors including potential parents, current parents and people visiting on business.

MRI OnLocation is simple to use and manage, comprehensive in its offerings and support is very forthcoming and easy to deal with.

Walter Chieng, Trust Board Director of ICT, Saint Kentigern Trust

Key challenges

Saint Kentigern College was managing visitors and contractors coming on-site with a paper sign-in book.

Often contractors and regular visitors weren’t remembering to use the paper book. This meant staff couldn’t know who was on-site or who had been visiting on any given day. Using a paper visitor management system they weren’t able to identify track on-site movements, leaving students, staff, and assets vulnerable to safety and security issues.

Saint Kentigern College needed to:

  • Replace their paper sign-in book that visitors and contractors weren’t always using Identify the thousands of visitors to their school.
  • Know visitor movements around school campuses.
  • Track who’s on-site in real-time.
  • Review visitor data and quickly see who was on-site when and why.
  • Be compliant with current Health and Safety regulations.
  • Sign-in multiple contractors and visitors quickly.
  • Easily train staff on the day to day running of the system.

We were having issues knowing who is on-site, identifying visitors as they move around our schools and with the ability to review visitor data. MRI OnLocation enabled us to solve these problems.

Implementation was straightforward. A clear process was available for us to follow and the online help is pretty comprehensive. We had the system up and running pretty smartly. Visitors were suitably impressed with the system and its simplicity and staff involved (reception and ICT staff administering the system) found it a breeze to operate.

 – Walter Chieng, Trust Board Director of ICT, Saint Kentigern Trust

The MRI OnLocation Solution

Using MRI OnLocation Saint Kentigern School can now:

  • Quickly sign-in and out visitors and contractors through MRI OnLocation kiosks at all of their campus reception areas.
  • Regular visitors can sign-in even quicker by selecting their previous host.
  • Quickly scan in and out for regular visitors like board members, partner suppliers using their drivers’ licenses with the Identity Management Add On.
  • Have all of their people presence records in the cloud meaning their data is safer and more secure with no server maintenance.
  • Have an accurate and legible time, date and name stamp of anyone who’s been on-site with Reporting, and see who’s on-site at any time using Dashboard.
  • Be compliant and fulfill their Health and Safety responsibilities and drive related Initiatives using the MRI OnLocation system.
  • Ensure the school is equipped for an emergency and visitors, contractors and staff can be accounted for in an evacuation using OnEvac Evacuation Management.
  • Have fast access to a high level of technical support from the MRI OnLocation Customer Support team.

MRI OnLocation has helped us lift our visitor management to another level including fulfilling our responsibility and driving new initiatives as hosts from the Health and Safety perspective.

 – Walter Chieng, Trust Board Director of ICT, Saint Kentigern Trust

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