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One Agency: Growing Together

When launching One Agency, Founder and CEO Paul Davies knew that recommending an industry-leading CRM platform would be a critical element in the network’s offering to members. Today, MRI Box and Dice is the only CRM platform that One Agency recommends to its growing membership.

“We investigated a number of different platforms and, ultimately, decided on MRI Box and Dice because we found it did everything we both wanted and needed,” Paul explains.

“Now, 15 years later, we continue to work closely with them. Over time, the MRI Box and Dice team have provided a fantastic level of support to our network members and have always been extremely open to our requests for system enhancements. In return, One Agency is happy to recommend MRI Box and Dice to our network members.

Technology is an ever-changing and fast-paced environment, so the fact that One Agency has partnered with MRI Box and Dice for so long is a real testament to their ability to adapt and meet clients’ needs.

– Paul Davies CEO One Agency

Supporting agents

Key to the ongoing partnership between One Agency and MRI Box and Dice is the level of support available to network members.

“One Agency members receive support from MRI Box and Dice at an agency level, however an important point of difference is the additional support they have access to due to the relationship between our Head Office and the team at MRI Box and Dice,” Darelle Ratcliff, Member Services Manager at One Agency, says.

“With so many other platforms, the agency is on their own. That’s not the case for our network members, who benefit from the fact that we can act as a conduit between them and MRI Box and Dice if the need arises.

“The support network members have access to is excellent, in large part because of the symbiotic relationship that exists at all levels.

“Throughout our time partnering with MRI Box and Dice, the relationship has very much been hand-in-hand.”

Meeting the challenge of change

The implementation of any technology solution can bring challenges, however Paul doesn’t view these challenges in a negative way. Rather, they are an opportunity to move forward in a positive way, and develop new strategies and embrace change.

“The team at MRI Box and Dice have always done this really well,” Paul says. “As technology moves forward, MRI Box and Dice has always been open to making changes and upgrades to the platform.”

Darelle echoes this sentiment.

MRI Box and Dice is committed to embracing changes in the real estate industry and ensuring agents have the right technology at their fingertips,

– Darelle Ratcliffe Member Services Manager One Agency

 “The platform is always evolving and developing, and there’s always news of enhancements that are in the pipeline.”

Always growing

As One Agency has grown and matured as a business over the years, their network members have become more varied.

“At the start, our members were agents wanting to move from being an employee to owning their own business,” Paul explains. “Now, more and more, we have entire agencies joining the One Agency network.

“MRI Box and Dice has been able to accommodate the network’s changing needs as our member mix has changed. Our members each have different ways of working and having a CRM platform in our member toolkit that can meet their varying needs is essential. We know the platform works well, so being able to recommend MRI Box and Dice as our preferred supplier is of value to us – and more than 50 per cent of our network members use the platform.

Partnering with MRI Box and Dice has certainly been beneficial to the growth and success of One Agency and our network members.

– Paul Davies CEO One Agency

“I really believe that MRI Box and Dice is one of the very best platforms on the market. Our network members are extremely satisfied.”

MRI Box and Dice is the most powerful, innovative and easy-to-use real estate CRM and transaction platform in Australia. You can experience MRI Box and Dice firsthand with a free demonstration by calling 1300 269 342.

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