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Cut Through Data Chaos with MRI Agora Insights

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Today’s commercial property owners and operators are using more technology systems than ever before, yet challenges still exist around data visibility, integrations, and automation. It’s no secret that the real estate industry generates vast quantities of data every day, but as volume increases, visibility across different applications is limited.

Historically our transaction systems are ‘point in time systems’ that can’t show what a value was for a similar thing a month, a quarter or a year earlier – MRI Agora Insights empowers you to spot trends in a sea of data through a series of standard dashboards and AI engines that get you the data and insights in the right place, at the right time, so you can take action.

Introducing: MRI Agora Insights, the data and analytics platform that empowers your real estate teams to make better data driven decisions.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how MRI Agora Insights can help:

  • Create a single source of truth of operation data so you can spend less time on manually sifting through information
  • Ask questions to allow you go deeper and connect data sets for in-depth analysis of across your entire business
  • Identify immediate actions so you can make fast, informed decisions

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