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Changing Tides: Navigating the evolving landscape of Real Estate: Technology, ESG & Investment

The real estate market is rapidly evolving, making it clear that sticking to the status quo is no longer an option. To adapt and innovate, it’s crucial to understand the latest trends in investor preferences, technology, regulations, and economic instability.

Our panel of experts discussed alternative asset classes, fund management, diversity, industry bodies, business performance, technology, and leadership. watch the recording to gain insight and a comprehensive view of the industry’s evolution while embracing a progressive mindset to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

In this panel, we discuss:

  • The growing significance of ESG factors in investment decision-making
  • The technology revolution & data as an asset: How to maximise ROI for investments in new technology
  • The importance of industry body support in adapting to dynamic market functions
  • Managing risks in the current environment by balancing innovation with predictability
  • The benefit of incorporating diverse perspectives into strategic decisions
  • Guidance for newcomers to the industry

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