How do you manage more lots at the same time?

The average number of lots managed per Strata Manager has increased by 50% since 2018, and at the same time owners are demanding higher and higher levels of service. If you’re going to manage more lots whilst improving service, then you need help putting time back in your day – and MRI Strata Master Connect is designed to do just this.

  •  Fully cloud-based so you know it’s flexible and easy to use
  •  Layers of automation for maximum time savings
  •  Improves the experience and engagement of your owners
  •  Integrated with Strata Master’s powerful accounting platform

cloud based strata management software interface

Strata Management software packed with innovative features

Work order management

With end-to-end time savings

Lot owners, tenants and agents can easily lodge and track maintenance requests in MRI Strata Master Connect, and there’s complete transparency for all stakeholders from start to finish. Everyone can see all jobs that are scheduled, and they’ll get notifications of milestones throughout the job lifecycle – reducing the number of calls and follow-ups that managers have to make and receive. And customisable workflows reduce manual processes, with features like overview dashboards and automatic quote reminders saving you time over and over again.

strata management software work order management screen

Virtual Maintenance Manager

To do the hard yards for you

Help get maintenance jobs resolved quickly by assigning a Virtual Maintenance Manager to do the hard work for you. They’ll follow up and make sure every aspect of the job is taken care of so you can spend less time dealing with jobs you know will be a time sink and focus on what matters. The best part is you can choose to activate the Virtual Maintenance Manager with just the tick of a box when the request is first lodged, so you have full control over which jobs need a helping hand.

strata mangement software virtual maintenance manager screen

Quote and Invoice approval

Through a highly customisable engine 

Every building is different, and so MRI Strata Master Connect makes it easy to set up different rules for each building. If you need every quote – no matter how small – approved by the whole committee at one building, and then for the building manager to have approval rights at another, that’s no problem. With heaps of customisability, there’s a setup to suit everyone. And when someone does need to approve an invoice, it’s simple and easy your approvers will receive a notification and can approve invoices with commentary in just a few clicks. Plus, automatic reminders mean you never have to waste time chasing up! 

strata management software quote and invoice approval screen

Smart Invoice extraction

To completely eliminate manual data entry 

Take advantage of OCR and machine learning to populate the data on your invoices, so your staff don’t have to spend their day on manual data entry. This is a significant upgradfrom barcode scanners and other invoice processing you might be used to – with all fields automatically populating, not just youinvoice amount and Strata Plan. 

cloud strata management software invoice extraction screen

Supplier compliance

Simple and assured every time

If enabled, MRI Strata Master Connect will automatically ensure that all of your creditors are fully compliant, giving you access to their compliance status and insurance details in real-time, and it will even warn you when licenses are expired, meaning you never have to worry about using uninsured or unlicensed trades when you book your jobs through MRI Strata Master Connect. 

cloud strata management software supplier compliance screen

Interactive building profiles

For easy owner engagement 

Provide your owners and residents with easy access to important information about their building – all in one place. Allow them to easily submit maintenance requestsas well as view any scheduled work for the building. Strata Managers can pin important documents such as by-laws or meeting notices, and quickly add notices to the virtual noticeboard for those important announcements that everyone needs to be aware of. 

cloud strata management software interactive building profiles

Consolidated communications

Through built-in chat 

Quickly create individual chat rooms for a specific invoice, job or document, so you can reduce the number of emails and phone calls you receivewhilst keeping all communication consolidated and tracked for easy auditing. 

cloud strata management software communications screen

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