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The cloud opportunity for real estate agencies

With the rental property market entering a period of uncertainty as tenants and landlords demand more, legislation changes, and markets shift, there has never been a more important time for Australian and NZ real estate businesses to get property management right.

About 72% of property managers identify cloud technology as a huge opportunity for agencies. And rightfully so. Cloud property management software transforms every aspect of your business, from streamlining trust accounting , communications and maintenance workflows, to automating every minute task in between, all while remaining accessible anytime, wherever you are. The cloud gives you the speed, flexibility, time and cost savings you need to not just adapt – but thrive now and into the future.

How property management is changing


Create business efficiencies with powerful automation and workflows.


Give landlords and tenants real-time transparency anytime, anywhere.

New business models

Generate new revenue from new partnerships

Concierge-like service

Personalise service for what customers want

Benefits of the cloud for property management teams

  • Reduce IT costs

    Say goodbye to physical servers and regular system maintenance. Cloud-based software removes the need for your own infrastructure, saving you thousands in IT costs.

  • Scale easily

    Cloud technology virtually removes the limit of physical data storage, allowing you to handle both large or small rent rolls, and upgrade systems without interruption to your business or additional expenses.

  • Diversify income

    The cloud’s ability to connect across systems provides you with additional income streams through integration with other property management providers, such as moving and utility services.

  • Save time, add value

    With cloud software, you no longer need manual backups that sap hours from your day. It also supports automation to help you streamline tasks, so you can focus on work that adds value to your business.

  • Protect your data

    Cloud software is securely backed up in real-time across multiple locations, so your property, landlord and tenant data is safe from theft or loss from hacking, server meltdown or natural disasters.

  • Work, connect and collaborate anywhere

    Run EOMs, handle maintenance requests and more – whether in the office or remotely. With cloud technology, your real estate business is up to speed with client expectations in an increasingly mobile world.

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