Housing Management Professional

A system centred around your customers

Housing Professional is the most advanced, most powerful and intuitive housing management solution available to Social Housing Providers right now. It’s unique in the fact that it’s completely designed with and for the social housing sector. Our latest release is a highly configurable management solution. Most importantly, its design and functionality are customer-centric rather than by property.

The system uses Microsoft.NET technology throughout, making it a familiar environment to work within and features the most advanced HMS interface in the market. It has been developed to be adaptive, responsive and future proof, a significant upgrade from the traditional back office legacy system you will be familiar with.

Housing Management Professional

Our Housing solution assists housing professionals by simplifying tasks such as managing arrears and raising repairs. The system’s wizard-based workflow and powerful database structure ensure precise operations, recording every single process. Powerful and flexible searches enable you to search the entire database by person, property, or occupancy. It’s entire design is customisable to the user based on user role, further our ’tiled’ dashboards can easily be adjusted to show functions that require quick access.


Microsoft.NET technology

Makes the system architecture a familiar environment therefore easy to use.

Extensive modules – perfectly scaled to your organisation

Covers all your housing and tenancy management needs, including case and estate management tools.

Powerful and flexible searches

Search the entire database quickly by person, property or occupancy.

Housing Management Professional


  • People centric – full UI/UX refresh with a consistent new interface across all applications areas.

  • Single Sign-on (Windows Authentication) only.

  • Ability to communicate in the language and document style requested by the person.

  • Inbound and Outbound SMS communication, with ability to bulk send SMS on an ad-hoc or regular scheduled basis.

  • Quick and easy reports – You have various reporting options, so you can choose what suits you or your organisation best.

  • System flexibility thanks to customisable grids and permissions.

  • Instant visibility thanks to real time notifications.

  • Full tool tips and online guidance available, including standardised wizard tools to guide users for accuracy of process.

  • Full Auditing History.

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