property management software AI

Make every customer feel like the only customer

Delivering amazing customer experiences is critical for success in residential real estate. The potential of artificial intelligence within the property management industry has long been discussed, and we are now witnessing real-life applications of the technology that deliver significant and far-reaching business benefits for users.

Enliven AI by Propic transforms how property listings are managed by providing immediate, intelligent and meaningful responses to enquiries, no matter what time of day they are received. Using conversational AI technology the lead to lease conversion is accelerated, prospects get information when they ask for it and your team is able to refocus their time where human interaction is needed.

property management software AI

Put AI to work & create meaningful experiences

  • Property Managers

    Enliven AI handles the early qualification process, filtering out and managing administration while collecting and providing you with the lead insights you need to fill listings faster

  • Property Owners

    Faster responses equal higher lead conversion which reduces the time listings spent vacant.

  • Prospective Tenants

    Prospective Tenants can make enquiries about a listing 24/7 and receive meaningful responses to questions giving a great customer experience for less effort.

  • Administrators

    Enliven AI takes care of the simple administration tasks that frequently come through inbound enquiries, giving you the time to focus on the activities that really matter.

Results that count

Enliven AI - What is conversational AI?

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI is the technology behind human-like interactions in automated messaging applications. It uses natural language processing and Machine Learning to interpret language and intent in the messages sent by your customers, and respond to them efficiently in a way that mimics human conversation. This helps your business engage with tenants and owners more efficiently, without the need to write scripts and dialogues in the background, as with traditional chatbots.

Key features to benefit everyone

Enquiry management

Lead insights

24/7 management

Information request management

Interactive chat

Ready to focus on the moments that matter?

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