Ditch paper checks, and issue AP payments quickly and easily

Nexus’s automated business payments software helps multifamily and CRE companies reduce AP payments time, reduce AP payments costs, and earn rebates on their business spend. MRI Software has all your budgets and data, while Nexus has the functionality to manage invoices, payments, and procurement. Through a deep integration between MRI and Nexus, AP teams reduce maverick spend, slash payments costs, and shave time off processing invoices.

Without the time-consuming process of stuffing and sending envelopes, users spend 50% less time paying suppliers and vendors. And without the cost of printer ink, postage, and envelopes, business payment costs are cut by 40%.



Nexus pay enables you to pay vendors electronically. Reduce AP payments costs by 40% and shave hours from your week. They'll even get your suppliers on board.

Nexus AP Automation

Capture, review, and process invoices in 50% less time. Plus, give your AP team and property managers 24/7 visibility into invoice status.

Nexus Procure-to-Pay

Create electronic POs before every purchase to get greater accountability and transparency. Plus, eliminate about 40% of the time your team spends on procurement.

Maximize value through the MRI and Nexus integration

  • Data syncs automatically between MRI and Nexus every 15 minutes

    Budgets and actuals sync nightly, giving you the context you need to approve invoices in Nexus, which are synced directly to MRI

  • Payments made through Nexus sync automatically with MRI for easy reconciliation

    Data elements that sync depend on which Nexus product you use

  • View invoice images in MRI and Nexus

    After approving invoices in Nexus, they're sent directly to MRI with an invoice image

  • See where spending stands and compares to budget

    View open PO and invoice totals in Nexus, as well as forecasted totals and variance to budgets synced from MRI

  • Use and integrate customized fields

    Nexus AP Automation and Procure-to-Pay can support a wide-range of customizations, as long as the fields are available in the GL/Accounting System's APIs

  • Sync with multiple systems simultaneously

    Centralize data in Nexus, then integrate multiple systems, including 3rd party software and other property management systems

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