insightsoftware - Revolutionize your reporting with the ease of read-only automation

Revolutionize your reporting with the ease of read-only automation

insightsoftware’s flagship platform, Spreadsheet Server, enables MRI Software users to gain live access to their MRI data within Excel. Users bridge the operational gap between company data and reporting to understand the story of their business.

Spreadsheet Server Connector is built by MRI, and exclusive to SaaS clients using Spreadsheet Server. It serves as a data gateway that enforces entity security rules and protects against data modification. Spreadsheet Server Connector can only read and relay the data needed to populate your Spreadsheet Server reports.

Why integrate with insightsoftware?

Combine your GL and non-GL data from multiple platforms in a single report

Drill down into the data to get instant answers to critical business questions

Eliminate manual process to improve data accuracy and decision making

Get up and running quickly and deliver reports without IT support

Key Integration Features

  • Requires user authentication with existing MRI credentials (OAuth2)

  • Applies entity security based on user rights

  • Forwards SQL queries to an API in the MRI SaaS environment for processing

  • Uses advanced query validation to detect and reject queries that are not allowed

  • Protects your database from changes by preventing queries that can modify or delete data


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