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Property Managers views on mental health, technology and four-day work weeks explored in third edition of industry touchstone report

MRI Software launches 2024 Voice of the Property Manager survey

Sydney, Australia – Thursday, 23 May 2024 – MRI Software announces the much-anticipated third edition of its ‘Voice of the Property Manager’ report series will be published later this year in Australia and New Zealand. Conducted every three years, MRI’s last national report quantified a number of serious concerns within the property management profession around staff retention, mental health, and handling abusive behaviour from landlords and tenants no doubt struggling with post-COVID realities at the time.

Market research for the industry touchstone report is now underway. MRI invites all real estate agency leaders and property management professionals at every level to complete the 8-10 minute online survey by 5:00pm AEST or 7:00pm NZST on Thursday 20 June 2024.

MRI Software’s Voice of the Property Manager report series always offers actionable insights to enhance leadership, culture, and overall success within property management businesses, across people, culture, technology and operational success.

The 2024 edition will measure continuity and change over time on past topics, plus capture new data on emerging trends and issues such as:

  • career pathways for property management professionals
  • multi-generational impact on the modern workforce
  • digitisation and AI implications
  • work-life balance factors including views on a four-day work week.

Revelations from the 2021 Voice of the Property Manager report included:

  • 1 in 4 property managers intended to leave the industry.
  • 53% were struggling with their mental health.
  • 60% found dealing with aggressive or abusive landlords or tenants their biggest challenge.

Architect of the MRI research series, Lisa Csapo, Director of Brand and Strategic Programs at MRI Software for Asia Pacific said, “Property management is a complex and multi-faceted profession playing a significant role in our national economy and local communities. Property Managers are responsible for helping 1 in 3 people into homes – so it’s more important than ever we capture the perspective of the people and agencies that power that possibility for so many of us in Australia, and for the first time this year, New Zealand,” she said.

MRI Software urges every property management industry professional in Australia and New Zealand to complete the online survey and share it with peers via social media. The survey link can be found searching ‘MRI Software APAC’ on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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