Make informed decisions about your business

Agora Insights streamlines your business data and presents it in an intuitive yet robust interface, providing insights into your current business status, whilst charting your future performance.

Simple reports for complicated questions

Harness the full potential of your data, so you can proactively assess office and agent performance against your KPI’s for strategic business planning.

Integration with Vault CRM and easy set up

Agora Insights' close integration with MRI Vault makes set up quick and simple. You’ll be seamlessly integrated and ready to benefit as soon as your new account is created.

Agora Insights - Agora Insights empowers your CRM so you can make well-informed decisions backed by reliable data

Agora Insights empowers your CRM so you can make well-informed decisions backed by reliable data

Having CRM data, but not being able to visualise and interpret it simply and efficiently, creates ongoing challenges for your agency.

With a deep understanding of both the real estate industry and the unique needs of our MRI Vault CRM clients, our dashboards are designed for sales agents, managers, business owners, and corporate staff, giving you the specific data and insights that matter to you.

In a competitive and fast-moving industry, Agora Insights’ dashboards and data are a game-changer that can lead to more successful transactions and a stronger, more sustainable business.

Don't waste time digging around for data and get back to what you do best - running your business!

Easily find the data you need

Explore the flexibility of customisable dashboards designed for in-depth analysis. Filter, arrange and customise settings for effortless access to tailored insights.

property suite

Gain instant insights into office performance

Get the insights you need, whether for an overview across all offices or delve into specific and detailed analysis about individual office sales.

Check office or agent performance

Keep track of your team of agents’ collective performance or dive into detailed sales data for each agent, ensuring comprehensive oversight of performance metrics.

Make informed business decisions

Running a successful business means making good decisions backed by good data. Agora Insights consolidates everything important to your agency and presents it with a simple yet powerful interface.

Historical performance evaluation

Historical performance evaluation

Check and compare your yearly historical performance.

Personalise your dashboard

Personalise your dashboard

Tailor your dashboard to display the key metrics that matter most, providing an instant overview of your most critical data.

Forecast expected incomes

Forecast expected incomes

Monitor your predicted income and react to trends ahead of time.

Dataset mapping

Dataset mapping

Compare your datasets to determine what is going where.

Discover hot suburbs

Discover hot suburbs

Easily find and analyse which suburbs are in hot demand.

Visualising key trends

Visualising key trends

Create visual representations of your critical trends over time.

Monitor enquiries data

Monitor enquiries data

Analyse which channels your enquiries are coming from for improved lead generation and ROI.

Single Sign On

Seamless set up

Easily manage multiple offices, a large agency or your own business with Agora Insights’ seamless integration with MRI Vault CRM.

There’s no setup hassle, you simply log in instantly via single sign-on using MRI Vault or services like Google or Microsoft. Your personalised data seamlessly transfers to our system upon account creation, requiring no manual setup.

Solutions for individual agents to large franchise networks

Sales agents

Stay ahead of the competition with custom dashboards to track your ongoing performance and choose relevant KPIs that matter to you most.

Business owners

Get the whole picture across your franchise with Agora Insights available across offices and agents with almost real-time data.

Corporate Staff

Make better business decisions with the ability to view and analyse data across your franchise.

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