Why you should use visitor management software in the workplace?

Security-conscious organisations are increasingly looking toward smarter and stronger visitor management systems (VMS) to strengthen their locations, protect their people and improve their risk management strategies. A traditional visitor management system is no longer deployed only in the lobby and has many touchpoints throughout an organisation’s structure.

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Workplace visitor management software

A visitor management system alleviates the daily stress property and facilities managers experience monitoring guests visiting their workplaces. With the right visitor management system, you can ensure that you meet health and safety requirements while providing a smooth sign-in/out experience for both the visitor and the host. Keep all people within your duty of care safe and safeguard your business against unlawful entry by denying access to those that don’t meet your organisation’s requirements. 

Why every organisation needs visitor management software

Digitise your people presence using a visitor management system to check in visitors, monitor who’s on location, and make their experience more welcoming and time-efficient. Let’s dive into why a visitor management system is vital for your workplace.

Health, safety, and compliance

How are you managing the well-being of your visitors when they arrive on-site? The health and safety of those in your locations is essential, regardless of your industry. 

Suppose your organisation requires unique documents to get signed or uploaded before entry, such as an NDA or health documents. In that case, you can utilise a visitor management system to capture and process each document before providing access, improving the safety and security of your locations and ensuring you stay on top of your compliance requirements. If you have a workplace hazard or an elevator is out for maintenance, easily inform visitors as they arrive and gain the confidence that they’ve agreed before you provide entry. 

Visitor management software assists your organisation in ensuring that only those who meet your health and safety requirements can enter your location and stop those who pose a risk. 

Access controls

Visitor management isn’t just about signing visitors in and out of your location. Using a visitor management system, you can secure your workplace and protect your assets and people with the range of access control integrations they offer. Couple this with some pre-requisite questions your visitors must answer. You can easily lessen the number of unwanted people coming on-site, automatically prevent them from gaining entry to your organisation and control the flow in and out of your locations.

Simplified processes

Although widely used throughout many industries, a manual sign-in process is not very efficient.

How often do your receptionists have to dig through pages of information to find a visitor’s records, only to find they’re inconsistent with the visitor’s information, or worse yet, the documents have been lost or damaged? 

Make it easy for your team and give them the ability to locate a visitor’s information instantly instead of searching through boxes and folders to access the correct information. You’ll also gain a clear view of each visitor’s arrival and departure time; every detail is stored in the cloud so other staff members can access it quickly and securely.  .

Visitor experience

Have an important visitor due to arrive next week, a significant group visit, or have visitors returning frequently? 

A visitor management system allows you and your team to send out invitations to visitors to pre-register for their arrival. Pre-registering visitors enables you to clarify who is due to arrive on what day and improves the visitor’s arrival experience. The system automatically identifies them as they begin their sign-in process and reduces the time they have to wait in the reception area.

Companies can eliminate familiar employee and visitor pain points with enhanced workplace technology like a visitor management system. 

Some common pain points that a visitor management system can address: 

  • Reading or deciphering illegible handwriting of visitors’ information
  • Reducing queue times at the reception desk, with visitors not having to sign in with them
  • Cutting down visitor wait times and chasing down employees, as hosts get automatically notified of their visitors’ arrival 

Analytics and compliance

Having a digitized platform where you can save the information of all your visitors can help you analyse patterns and trends: 

  • Is there a particular time a specific type of client visits? 
  • Has a customer visited more than once? 
  • How many people from outside of work came to attend a specific conference? 
  • Did an unwanted guest attempt to sign in?
  • Do you need to ascertain when a visitor was on-site who was unwell?

By diving into the trends and patterns of your workplace, you can better understand the comings and going of visitors in your organisation, learn which events or promotional tactics worked well, and plan your spaces and staff more accordingly with the insights you gain. By using historical data, you can identify the day and time of when an unwanted guest signed in or out or if a visitor who was in your workplace was unwell.


Does your organisation often receive deliveries, or is your access point for deliveries far away from the area your staff work? You can also use visitor management software to display a custom message or set instructions for delivery agents and notify a staff member of the delivery’s arrival. For instance, you can display instructions to let the delivery agent know an employee is coming to meet them or inform them where to leave the package.

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The best visitor management solution for your locations should be able to achieve all of the mentioned benefits. Ours can, and more. MRI OnLocation helps organisations globally protect the people and places that power their workplace. Use our powerful visitor management software to monitor your people presence in the workplace, check in visitors, and make their experience more welcoming and time-efficient.

Get a free trial of OnLocation today and strengthen the security of your workplace, instill confidence in employee safety, and protect intellectual property by taking control of visitor access.

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