Truly open for business – worldwide

For more than a year now, MRI’s global growth strategy has been in full swing. The demand for open and connected real estate software has fueled significant growth, and we’ve achieved several milestones as a result.

Within the past few months, we introduced our tried-and-tested Residential Suite to the UK Private Rented Sector. We’ve extended our capabilities in southern Africa with the acquisitions of MDA and PropSys. In the US, MRI is now the market leader for public housing, and more than half of all affordable housing units are managed using MRI’s solutions. In total, we’ve added nine companies to the MRI family since September 2017, and welcomed countless new colleagues around the world.

The revolution goes global

With so much positive change taking place in a short amount of time, we faced a new challenge: revamping our digital footprint to present a unified picture of our expanded capabilities that accurately portrays who we are today. The MRI Marketing team embraced this challenge on a global scale, with the goal of showing the world the new breadth of products and solutions MRI has to offer.

Truly open for business

We are proud to announce our new and improved websites to the world. Our digital footprint truly reflects our global capabilities, from North America to the UK and Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. With a solution-centric navigation, real estate businesses around the world can benefit from the flexibility offered by an innovative, open platform.

Rapid growth, milestone achievements, and continued innovation make for a wild ride. But everything we do centers around giving our clients the freedom to succeed on their terms. Keep riding the revolution with MRI.


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