Top 5 most read Rockend blog posts of 2019

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2019 has been quite the year for all of us here at Rockend and we’re glad that you are continuing to share your journey with us as we enter a new decade this 2020. New Year’s is usually a time of reflection as well as excitement, and as we prepare for a brand new year ahead, let us look back at the 5 most popular posts of 2019 that surprised, informed and inspired you.

trust accounting 101 blog


1. Trust accounts 101 – getting trust accounting right

We’re not surprised that for the 2nd year, this blog post penned by our CEO Alister Maple-Brown is still reigining supreme as our most-read blog post. It is choc-full of valuable information on trust accounts – especially useful for those that are new to trust accounting or even to those that might need a bit of a refresher.
 Picture of Hannah Carney in Rockend Rockstars feature

2. Hannah Carney: Having difficult conversations with owners

Many can relate to Hannah Carney when she shared her experience with having “the talk” – AKA the money conversation – with customers. According to Hannah, money’s always going to be a sensitive topic and it is important you tread it professionally. In this interview with Rockend TV, she also discusses a few of her management philosophies, and the pressure on fees in a declining market.

Alister Maple-Brown and Tony Maple-Brown smiling while sitting inside the Rockend office

3. MRI Software acquires Rockend

Turns out what’s big news for us here at Rockend also made quite the impression with you. On August this year, leading global real estate software solutions provider MRI software acquired Rockend, expanding MRI’s offering in the ANZ market. The acquisition promises to bring a broader set of real estate solutions to Rockend clients using MRI’s global resources and expertise.
focus on tenant and agent shaking hands in agreement on a real estate property

4. What is a tenancy agreement?

Much like out Trust Accounts 101 blog, this informative blog post also takes you through another property management essential. Preparing a tenancy agreement is one of the most important tasks of a property manager and this post will take you through the basics of outlining a tenancy agreement and includes practical tips from industry expert Cathie Crampton.
woman smiling while using property tree on mobile and laptop in a well lit office

5. 6 reasons to choose Property Tree

Many of you have also taken an interest in getting to know our cloud based property management software, Property Tree. In this blog post, we featured a simple infographic to run you through the top 6 benefits of using Property Tree as your property management solution and why it still remains ad the leading property management software used by over 3500 agencies in Australia and New Zealand.
That’s a wrap for our 2019 blogs. Here’s to sharing more insights and knowledge to you in 2020!

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