The dos and don’ts of real estate CRM marketing automation

Marketing automation has become increasingly popular within real estate in recent years, with many of the top agents putting a focus on various marketing tools to get their names out there on a consistent basis.

However, when looking at real estate CRM marketing automation, there are some key considerations that you need to think about as you set up and manage your various campaigns.


Have A Larger Strategy in Place

Marketing automation really just forms a smaller part of your overall marketing goals. It’s critical that you understand what you’re trying to achieve and which avenues to pursue to help achieve the targets you’re setting for yourself.

Set specific, attainable, and time-bound goals and then track them to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Marketing automation isn’t a golden bullet but instead a tool to help you save time and achieve your goals faster and more effectively. If you don’t know where you’re trying to go, it won’t necessarily help you.

Keep Good Data

It’s critical that before anything else, you are ensuring that your data is of the highest standards. Even the best automated marketing campaign will fail if the data you’re working with is not clean and up to date.

Be sure to dedicate time each week to not only monitor your automated campaigns but to also manage the data. Good data actually improves your ROI and makes your campaigns more effective.

Targeted Campaigns

The more quality data you have on your contacts and the better your understanding of how they interact with your marketing, the better you will be able to specifically target and serve them in the future.

In real estate, no two people will have the exact same requirements, so it’s your job to segment your campaigns and make them as target as possible. Again, the better the data you work with, the better results you’ll see as you’ll be delivering targeted messaging and content to the people it’s most relevant to.

Continually look for ways to score and grade your contacts and leads so you know where they fit into your marketing process. You can ultimately then set up automation and rules to help with this, but be sure to make it a priority early on.


Ignore Human Touch

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because you’ve set up an automated marketing campaign, you can sit back and relax.

In reality, your automated marketing is just one string of your bow, and is best used as a tool to save time and focus on other touch points as well, with human to human contact always the best option.

In real estate, a phone call still goes a very long way, and while marketing automation can help in many areas and even encourage people to contact you, don’t forget that people still value human touch most of all.

Set and Forget

When your campaigns are set up and running along, it can be easy to just put them on the backburner. However, this is when you need to be diligent and continue to monitor their progress and track the overall success you’re having.

Your marketing is an ever-evolving part of your business and you need to ensure you’re staying on top of new strategies, technologies, and new ways of doing things while also evaluating your current marketing efforts. Remember that implementing marketing automation doesn’t mean immediate success, and it’s imperative that you monitor its success or lack thereof, and adjust things accordingly.

Overload Your Contacts

When you’ve got the power to quickly and easily send an SMS to your entire database, it can be easy to overshoot the mark and oversaturate your database.

The purpose of your marketing efforts should come from a place of genuinely wanting to add value into people’s lives. If you are sending out automated messages which have little substance, are too frequent, too vague, or impersonal, or all of the above, it’s likely people are going to to want to remove themselves from your communication lists.

There is no correct answer to how much contact is the right amount, as the answer will change from person to person, and will also be affected by the type of content they are being sent. That’s why it’s so critical to monitor your automated campaigns.

It’s equally as important to survey your leads when you get the chance and find out if what you’re sending out is of value to them. If it isn’t, it might be worth looking at sending out less information or trying a new approach with content that better serves them.

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