Real estate social media ideas to boost your profile

Having a strong social media presence is a very powerful tool both for an agent’s personal brand and also as a resource for marketing your current listings. While most agents would understand the value that a strong social media presence can bring, boosting your profile takes time and effort. Fortunately, there are real estate social media ideas that will help increase your presence and expand your reach across social media platforms.

Know your audience

Like all great marketing, it’s vital that you understand your audience, and then provide content that specifically benefits and interests them. As your career develops, you might find that your audience changes, so it’s important that you continually fine-tune exactly who your audience is and understand their needs.

A great way to do this is to create an ‘avatar’ which is essentially a mock member of your audience and create all your content as if you’re speaking directly to them. For example, if you operate in an area where there are many first-home buyers, your audience might be “James and Jen,” the first-home buyer couple in their late ’20s, who work office jobs and want to buy as close to their work as they can, while not being too far from their family. When they have the equity built up they’d like to move a few suburbs closer into a larger home where they can raise kids.

Take the time to research and understand their goals, fears and concerns and then create content that will help them. The better you understand their lives, the more appealing you will be as an agent because ultimately, people want to work with those people who listen and understand them. Doing this via social media will immediately start building rapport with people before you’ve ever met, and also further strengthen and develop your client relationships.

Out-of-the-box content

When crafting your content for social media it’s much more about your audience than it is about you. In reality, no one wants to know how great you are, especially if it’s you telling everyone about it.

When creating content, think outside the box and try to find things like general information or tips and tricks that truly benefit your audience. It’s also a really good idea to try and be hyper-local in the content that you put out, as community involvement is a sure fire way to boost leads. That way you’re not putting yourself up against other agents or agencies. You’re just focused on your niche area and that’s it.

While your goal is still to promote yourself and your business, you need to do it subtly. There is a great saying, “show, don’t tell”. Highlight the people you’re helping, how you’re involved in the local community and all the great results you’ve been getting for people. Your audience will ultimately see the value you provide, without the information directly from you.

Also don’t be afraid to try and get your audience to interact, ask questions and comment. The more people that engage with your ideas the better.

Maintaining consistency

Arguably the most important part of doing social media is getting involved and staying consistent. The more consistent the better. It’s more beneficial to be posting basic but regular content to your channels, in comparison to no posts at all.

While high quality and stylistic images are more likely to appeal to the masses, meaningful content is always more beneficial than posts that are all style and no substance. People are searching for local content that benefits them. Don’t allow perfectionism to hold you back from making connections.

Posting once a week consistently is better than posting four times a week for a month and then abandoning your socials after you get sick of it. It’s also important to keep your page up to date with key items like addresses and opening hours over holiday periods so your audience knows that you are active and reachable via social media.

Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

Here are social media post ideas for real estate agents to enhance your online presence and attract potential clients:

    1. Property Showcases: Highlight the best features of your current property listings. Use high-quality photos and videos to give followers a virtual tour.
    2. Client Testimonials: Share testimonials and success stories from satisfied clients to build trust and showcase your track record.
    3. Local Market Updates: Post regular updates on the local real estate market, including trends, statistics, and insights to position yourself as an expert.
    4. Behind-the-Scenes: Offer a glimpse into your daily life as a real estate agent. Share candid photos or short videos of property viewings, meetings, or your workspace.
    5. Home Improvement Tips: Share tips on home improvement, maintenance, and interior design. Offer advice on increasing a property’s value.
    6. Community Highlights: Showcase the neighborhoods you serve. Share information about local events, schools, parks, and restaurants to help potential buyers envision their life there.
    7. Real Estate Infographics: Create and share informative infographics on topics like the home buying process, mortgage options, or steps to selling a property.
    8. Meet the Team: Introduce your team members, highlighting their expertise and roles within your agency. Humanize your brand.
    9. Client Q&A: Host a live Q&A session or invite clients to ask questions about real estate, home buying, or selling. Address their concerns and provide valuable insights.
    10. Local Business Spotlights: Feature local businesses and establishments in your community. Collaborate with them and cross-promote each other’s services.

Remember to use relevant hashtags, engage with comments, and maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your social media presence active and engaging.

Learn more about real estate social media marketing in our beginner’s guide.

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