MRI Investment Management recognised in national PropTech Awards program

MRI Software is excited to announce its Investment Management solution was named a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Proptech Association of Australia awards. The platform received this well-deserved recognition for its outstanding contributions to enhancing property investment options and providing a more innovative and efficient way for buyers, sellers, and investors to transact within the real estate market.

Proptech Association President, Kylie Davis, explained the awards were created to “celebrate the success stories of Australia’s proptech ecosystem and highlight the incredible innovation that exists across the entire real estate value chain.”

MRI Software’s Investment Management suite earned its place as a finalist in the “Ownership, Affordability and Finance” Category, affirming its position as a leader in the Proptech industry. The platform’s comprehensive and strategic planning capabilities have been acknowledged as a valuable asset to real estate professionals.

Furthermore, MRI Software is proud to have its products recognised as finalists in six other esteemed Proptech Award categories, including Sales and Marketing, Data, Analytics, Insights and AI, Efficiency and Optimisation, and Property and Facilities Management.

Among the finalists, we would also like to extend our congratulations to the winner of the “Property & Facilities Management” category, which happens to be another product offered by MRI Software: Property Tree. Their outstanding achievements and dedication to driving progress in the industry are truly commendable.

Managing the full investment lifecycle with Investment Management

The adaptability and wide variety of data within MRI Investment Management allows us to improve reporting efficiency and accuracy while still allowing detailed portfolio analysis, ensuring strategic decisions are made confidently.

– John Ridge, Finance Manager – Real Estate, Mulpha Australia Limited.

Statista highlights that the global commercial real estate investment management market is projected to reach US$115.00tn in 2023, and estimates suggest that inefficient management practices can result in annual losses of billions of dollars for companies operating in the sector.

The job of a real estate fund manager is a perpetually challenging one that involves juggling requirements to maximise returns, minimise risk, and keep investors in the loop.

By adopting more efficient investment management practices, companies have the potential to save millions of dollars in the annual operating costs of their portfolios, leading to higher returns on investment, decreased risk exposure, and increased competitiveness.

The MRI Investment Management suite has been a game-changer for many MRI clients because it eliminates tedious manual work and the need to deal with multiple software systems.

Instead, it offers a one-stop solution that streamlines investment planning – a way to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, make informed decisions and improve overall investment accounting operations and outcomes.

A solution driving success for real estate businesses

MRI Investment Management saves us time and reduces errors by allowing us to import our Actual Property Accounts easily for the purpose of forecasting.

– Peter Mihailou, Asset Manager, Fortius.

MRI Investment Management is built on more than 25 years of close collaboration with clients and users groups allowing it to truly harness the combined power of market knowledge and client feedback.

It’s used by a wide variety of commercial real estate stakeholders, including:

  • Public REITs
  • Pension and Private Equity funds
  • Retail, office and industrial businesses
  • Property Developers

Leading companies like Centuria, Investa, Mulpha, and Fortius have embraced Investment Management to streamline their operations in the following ways:

  • Investa utilises the software to efficiently integrate tenancy data and monthly actuals from their property management system, leveraging it to generate yearly budgets, quarterly forecasts, long-term forecasting, scenario reporting, portfolio reporting, and internal valuations.
  • Centuria, Mulpha, and Fortius rely on MRI Investment Management to ensure a smooth end-to-end process and an effective means of budgeting, forecasting, facilitating valuations, contributions and distributions, and undertaking scenario reporting – essentially, all property and investment management functions for the business.

From Windows to web: an innovative new era for MRI Investment Management

MRI Software puts a lot of focus on user experience with the goal of creating intuitive interfaces for clients to easily navigate and use the software effectively.

To achieve this, MRI strives to develop better mobile applications and cloud-based platforms that offer clients flexibility and accessibility, enabling them to manage their portfolio on the go and leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

On this note, MRI clients will soon have access to an advanced web delivery model that brings a range of new benefits. Known as MRI Cloud (SaaS), it offers:

  • Increased flexibility and scalability to adapt and grow effortlessly
  • Enhanced integration with other applications, making workflows smoother and more efficient

As a plus, Cloud (SaaS) can reduce costs by eliminating the need for infrastructure refreshes, upgrades, patches, and testing.

Windows and web interfaces can be used side-by-side, both connecting to the same database, allowing flexibility and choice in where and how to work.

Discover the power of Investment Management

Are you an Asset or Fund Manager looking to make better technology-enabled business decisions?

With our cutting-edge technology, you’ll have the tools to make quick, informed choices and craft winning investment strategies that surpass the competition.

Contact us today to learn more or request a demo of MRI Investment Management solutions.

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