New portals highlight exciting Strata Master release from Rockend

This blog post relates to Rockend, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

Strata Master v11.5 with File Smart v7.10 is here! This exciting release brings a host of new features and enhancements to Rockend’s premier strata management software, including entirely new Owner & Committee Portals, which add additional functionality, further opportunities for branding, and a more intuitive interface – and it doesn’t stop there. Other enhancements include an extra search option that will save you time in File Smart Workflow, more flexibility in receipt allocation, upgrades to bulk emails that will streamline your communications, and integration with Bankwest.

What’s new in Strata Master v11.5?

Read below for the full rundown.

New Owner & Committee Portals

New owner and committee portals are coming to Strata Master! With more functionality, an easier to use interface and more opportunities for branding, the new portals will save you time and improve the level of service you’re able to provide your customers. For full details check out the dedicated portals release notes, or head to the knowledgebase for instructions on getting them set up.

Search via invoice number in File Smart

A big time saver for those who use File Smart v7.10 with Strata Master v11.5. You’ll be able to search for invoices by their invoice number (useful after you have just entered it into the Invoice tab in File Smart Workflow).

Change the default receipt allocation order

The ability to change the default receipt allocation order gives you more flexibility in how you allocate payments at Association Type level – particularly useful in regions where the current Stata Master defaults do not meet your requirements. Checkout the release training to see how.

More bulk email options in the Communication Wizard

Your bulk email workflow has been streamlined, with two new levy and notice contact groups available for selection in the preview screen.

Bankwest is now fully integrated

Bankwest can now be configured as a bank, and a new levy notice slip is available when banking with Bankwest. In addition, bulk BPAY payment functionality has been added for Bankwest to save time when paying creditors that accept BPAY payments.

Bulk BPAY functionality added for NAB Connect and Commbiz

Those who use these banks can now save time when paying creditors that accept BPAY – checkout the knowledgebase article to learn how.

Remove cheque as a payment option

We heard you! A lot of you no longer wish to accept cheque payments – this is the 21st century after all. You can now toggle the cheque payment option on some levy notice slips.

Display bank details on levy notices

Your company bank details can now also be displayed on some notices, enabling your customers to pay their levies directly into your bank account. Checkout the release training to learn how.

Bing Mailroom updates

Bing Mailroom takes the pain of printing and sending things like levy notices to your customers. that needs to be printed and sent to your customers. Just print straight to Bing’s Easypost Printer and they will handle printing, collation, and sending for you. In this release there is a few updates that improve this service:

1. Mailing pages will now group correctly when Interim Reports are collated using Bing Mailroom.

2. To help identify levy notices and AGM reports printed via Bing mailroom, they will now generate with meaningful filenames.

3. Several levy notice slips will also display higher quality images when printing via Bing Mailroom.

We’ve also addressed a small number of minor defects – see the release notes for full details:

How to upgrade

Strata Master is upgraded from within the application itself – checkout this knowledgebase article to see how to upgrade in less than five minutes. File Smart is upgraded from the customer lounge.

To get started on the new portals you’ll need to be on v11 or later. After that, just follow these handy instructions to set them up.

Get trained up

There’s two options for you to get up to speed on the new release:

  1. Join the release webinar. Covering portal setup, the new receipt allocation configuration, and more, this interactive webinar is a great chance to ask any questions you have about the release. Join this complimentary webinar here.
  2. Can’t make the webinar? We’ve produced a self-paced training course full of bite-sized videos that will take you through everything you need to know.

User Voice update

Your feedback is critical to ensure we are developing features that make a difference to you. By voting, you tell us what you would like to see developed and will receive status updates as these suggestions progress. Below are a few examples and where some of the suggestions we have received are up to:

1. Search for Invoice Numbers (27 votes) – the ability to search for invoices numbers in File Smart has been made available in File Smart v7.10 with Strata Master v11.5.

2. Online Invoice Approval (40 votes) – the Product and Engineering teams are currently developing a new maintenance solution for Strata Master, which will address many maintenance suggestions received in User Voice, including the ability for owners to approve quotes and invoices online.

3. Print and email levy notices simultaneously (56 votes) – Given the complexity of the Strata Master desktop solution, we cannot do this currently. However, it will remain open for voting so that it can be considered for Strata Master Cloud.

Not using Strata Master?

Book a demo today to find out how you can get access to all these exciting features to kickstart your strata management business.


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