MRI Software wins Aetna award for Workplace Well-Being

As MRI Software employees will tell you, we like to call ourselves the “MRI family” because of how we take care of one another. No one person at our organization can do their job without the others, and so it is vitally important for us to look out for our employees across the company.

This past month, our commitment to our employees and our employees commitment to one another was recognized in Aetna’s Workplace Well-being Awards of 2019.

MRI Software won both a “Changing the World” Award for workplaces in the Mid-Atlantic region and the “Above and Beyond” Award for general well-being in the workplace across the country. We are proud to accept these awards, and we are committed to the continuous care of our employees to promote excellence in the workplace and to foster a community where kindness, honesty, tolerance, and inclusion are part of the culture.

Employees at the MRI Software headquarters in Northeast Ohio (and in other offices throughout the globe) have been experiencing the benefits of working at MRI, where we consider ourselves one family. In fact, our Ohio headquarters have just recently been renovated to be an even better workplace for our employees. The renovations include a refurbished gym, a new walking track throughout the office, and a ‘living wall’ for oxygenation so that our employees can get the most out of their in-office experience.

In addition to these renovations, all MRI employees have access to a rewards program that incentivizes healthy living, active lifestyles, and taking care of oneself at work and at home. Whether at MRI headquarters or at one of our many offices across the globe, the well-being of the MRI family is our top priority, and we are proud to be champions of one another.

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